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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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BREAKING: NC announces 2024 senior superlatives

Alex James and Jasmina Buranich on Canva
With the help of extraordinary faculty, administration, staff and yearbook crew, NC seniors ate delicious foods and won superlative awards. Dressed up as today’s homecoming week theme of barbeque dads and soccer moms, the class of 2024 took pictures, laughed and enjoyed the break from first period. The bitter-sweet senior breakfast serves as a pivotal moment in a senior’s final year.

During the anticipated senior breakfast served with Krispy Kreme, orange juice, fruit and other delicious treats, the yearbook staff announced the winners for the class of 2024’s superlatives. Surrounded by their friends at one of several gatherings this year, the winners—dressed up in today’s homecoming theme of barbecue dads and soccer moms— received their prizes. 

Mr and Ms North Cobb

While nominating and voting for this category, seniors could not help but choose the pillars of their school. Class president Ryan Lacey and paint-squad member Kale Mullins garner Ms. and Mr. North Cobb. By guiding NC’s football games and creating a stronger sense of school spirit, the two seniors championed.

Class Clowns

Any student who has spent a class with Gabrielle Smith and Ralph Philogene has likely left the class with a smile. Smith’s relentless jokes and Philogene’s charismatic personality helped the two class clowns garner their spots in this year’s superlatives. 

Life of the Party

From post-homecoming parties to birthday parties, Sydney Toy and Fabio Martinez-Johnson quite literally serve as the lives of any party. People can find Toy and Martinez-Johnson’s exciting and adventurous personalities at any gathering.

Most Athletic

From leading the varsity softball team through super regionals during yesterday’s two games to garnering dozens of touchdowns every football season, second base Soleil Smith(2) and four-star running back David Eziomume (2) prove their spots as the most athletic every day. As Smith’s team approaches the state championship and Eziomume prepares to attend Clemson University, the most athletic of their genders showcase NC’ students’ abilities to succeed both academically and athletically.

Best Dressed

As demonstrated on their respective social media pages, Malique Card and Christine Oliveria fill up their closets with fashionable attire. Regardless of the type of event, Card and Oliveria show up to the occasion at their best.

“I think people nominated me because I have a way with my style and I’m able to color coordinate pretty well and just put the pieces together well and make them look good together. I feel good about winning and not promoting myself because that means that it’s well known that I’m the best dressed,” Card said.

Worst Cases of Senioritis

Even though NC barely approaches the halfway point in the 2023-2024 school year, Imani Wilson and Kahlo Flores have called it quits. Classmates could find Wilson and Flores in the back of their classes, drowned in schoolwork. 

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket

Although this superlative proved rather unique and required much thought, magnet Lucy Costello and Jacob Belfield came to mind when determining those with rather clumsy personalities. Of course, The Chant hopes that if they ever actually win the lottery, they do not lose the ticket. 

Most Likely to be Late

From excess tardies to showing up an hour late to social events, Juan Patarroyo and Lali Vega have bothered their friends, teachers and families with their repeated tardiness. The Chant can guess they even arrived tardy to school today!

Most likely to Brighten People’s Day

In the case that anyone feels down or upset, Imani McDaniels and magnet Miguel Flores-Padilla will always brighten their classmates’ days. The smiles that appear on their friends’ faces and the constant positive remarks regarding the two easily assisted these champions on their way to winning this superlative.

Most School Spirit

With a school as amazing, diverse and excellent as NC, students will evidently hold an abundance of school spirit. However, Eladia Scott and Liam Simington venture out in unique ways to showcase their school spirit. As Scott attends every school-related event and enjoys high school to the fullest and Simington runs the paint squad for every varsity football game, they undoubtedly hold the most school spirit out of any of their classmates. Go Warriors!

“Because we’re only in high school for a certain amount of time, I feel like if I have the opportunity to do what I can to be involved in my school and be a part of my community, then I’m going to seize that opportunity. That’s why I like dressing up. If I know about any event going on, I’ll try to involve myself in that event. I’m looking for a [college] with a lot of school spirit. Not necessarily a huge school, but if that means a huge school, I’m okay with that. Definitely a school with a lot of spirit that is already established, that way I can just add to it,” Scott said.

Dynamic Duos

If people look around, they will find magnet Amsha Shastrula and Bianca Orfila-Molinet with each other. Bound together by an intense magnet curriculum, school officer positions and trips to Asia, the two hold an inseparable friendship. Moreover, Mullins and Om Patel participate in the paint squad together every Friday and undoubtedly garner the best bromance.


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