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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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NC’s Tribal Connections debuts the 2023-24 officers

Callie Kinsinger
NC upperclassmen leadership positions for Tribal Connections released Friday, August 11 bringing an end to a major competition in school representation. After weeks worth of campaigning and advertising, students voted for who they wanted to represent them as the student body. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer and social media coordinator spaces allow students to gain representation in the school board. Each year, new candidates take charge to make a difference at NC.

The NC 2023-2024 Tribal Connections (TC) leadership positions were released during the highly anticipated afternoon announcements August 11. During homeroom that day, students cast their votes in their advisement class, allowing enough time to tally up votes to name the winners.

Starting the first week of school, August 1-4, leadership candidates began their campaigns. These advertisements circulated on social media, consisting of pictures and statements that stated their goals and plans for the year. Family and friends would repost and support the campaigns to gain attention and possible votes from students in their respective grade levels.

The five leadership positions, hosted through NC’s TC, consist of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and, a new to this year, social media coordinator. Not only does TC foster leadership opportunities, but they lead school spirit. Football game themes, homecoming and prom all derive from TC’s planning, creating duties for students in leadership positions to fulfill. The doings of this board set the course for a satisfactory and exciting year.

This year’s senior class president, Ryan Lacey, with the help of magnet senior vice president, Bianca Orfila-Moinet, promises to bring school spirit and involvement like never before. Magnet senior secretary Amsha Shastrula strives to bring new ideas to the table and create a memorable year. Senior treasurer Holly Stallings and senior social media coordinator Soleil Smith also plan on an unforgettable senior year.

“School takes up so much of our lives and I just feel like when I started to get involved and started to really love the school, my life just got better because of that. I feel like that’s the case for a lot of people. My goal is to just make a community where students love their school and feel connected with everyone and just are excited to be here. As far as making a difference, this is a position where I can actually do that and change people’s perspectives on school and education and North Cobb,” Lacey said.

New junior class president Isabella Alves aims to create a difference this year, partnered with junior vice president Kayden Williams. Junior class secretary Zoie Gladney wants to bring a greater amount of spirit and activities, similar to junior class treasurer Abigail Dartois who hopes to ensure satisfaction from her fellow class. Junior social media coordinator Amy Futo took place to design fun and memorable events for the NC student body.

“I’ve always wanted to allow people’s voices to be heard so they can feel like they are also making a change in the school as well. I’m looking forward to promoting more school clubs and extracurricular clubs as well, I also want to continue to increase student activity with school spirit,” Alves said.

Upperclassmen positions guide the direction for school events and the spirit for each student to enjoy the year. This leads to voting as an extremely important part of the beginning of each school season. As the school year commences, leadership positions become prominent in the decisions of a meaningful year.

“I want to get more people at all events because I feel like that is a reflection of involvement and school spirit. Club involvement is a little more difficult to track but just making sure that students of all grades are aware of the opportunities we have at NC. I know that for me and a lot of people I’ve talked to junior year, you find out about everything and it’s already time for college. Letting people know as sophomores and freshmen the opportunities that we have here and outside of school as well. My officer team has a lot of the same goals,” Lacey said.

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