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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Top three overused costume clichés

Halloween creeps closer and the season of spookiness, candy quests and eerie decor kicks off. But lurking behind the classics remain “spooktacular” clichés that deserve a costume makeover. Witches, clowns and vampires may have enjoyed their heyday, but now comes new favorites. Prepare for a Halloween full of new tricks and treats.

As the leaves change into a sea of reds and golds and the alluring aroma of pumpkin spice permeates the atmosphere, it can mean: Halloween approaches. The season of spookiness, trick-or-treating and eerie decorations offers an annual opportunity for individuals to embrace their inner creativity by wearing imaginative and outlandish costumes. In the ever-evolving world of Halloween fashion, a category of costumes has shown its reputation: the overused classics.

  • Witches 

One cannot delve into the realm of overused Halloween costumes without encountering the mystique of the witch. Year after year, the classic witch costume emerges from the depths of broom closets and wardrobes filled with cauldrons. People retrieve the pointy hats, cackling laughs and black cloaks; they ultimately demonstrate a collective lack of creativity in Halloween attire.

Instead of dressing up as a witch, opt for a wizard costume this Halloween. The distinctive style of wizards, marked by flowing robes and the ever-iconic staff, sets them apart from the conventional witch’s wardrobe. Wizards radiate an aura of wisdom, power and charisma, making them a compelling choice for those who desire to capture attention. Embracing a wizard’s costume challenges the traditional Halloween norm, fostering creative expression and the exploration of unique magical characters. This choice honors individuality, providing versatility and encouraging innovation in the spellbinding realm of Halloween.

  • Clowns 

Clowns, with their colorful wigs, red noses and exaggerated makeup, continue to maintain a significant presence at Halloween parties. These costumes straddle the line between humor and horror, especially during the 2016 killer clown era, but now they can no longer elicit the reactions they once did. The prevalence of clown costumes reflects a hesitancy to embrace fresh ideas and costumes that challenge the established norms of Halloween traditions.

“At first clown costumes were very fun and scary, but after a while, people overused the costume and instead of being an innovative costume it was just a cliche. The sheer amount of costumes that were used was overwhelming. Especially with other scary movies and costumes out,” senior Maria Casco said. 

Instead of choosing the worn-out clown costume, consider dressing up as a mad scientist. Embracing the role of a mad scientist allows one to step into a world of science fiction and creativity. With a lab coat, wild hair and a medley of quirky accessories, Halloween lovers can create a character that captivates vast audiences. This alternative costume not only sets wearers apart from the predictable crowd of clowns but also provides an opportunity to explore the fascinating realm of experiments, inventions and a touch of madness.

  • Vampires 

Vampire costumes, characterized by sharp fangs and elegant capes, reoccur in an unchanging cycle. It seems as though society finds itself stuck in a time loop, continually opting for the familiar. Dressing up as a vampire no longer remains a choice; it closely resembles a default setting, reflecting a lack of adventure when it comes to Halloween. These costumes could benefit from an infusion of fresh creativity to break free from the monotonous cycle. 

“Last year, my cousin had a Halloween party and at least five people showed up wearing vampire costumes. Seeing the fake fangs and fake blood can get boring really fast.  I think people can be a little more creative and wear costumes that are more out of the box,” senior Lacy Partin said.

Opting for a werewolf costume over a vampire for Halloween offers a thrilling departure from the norm, allowing you to unleash an inner wildness. This choice allows for the embodiment of the untamed power of lycanthropy, complete with faux fur, menacing claws and a fierce countenance. By selecting this alternative, one not only stands out from the crowd of bloodsucking vampires but also showcases their creativity and a penchant for the supernatural, making it a compelling choice for the holiday.

As Halloween approaches, it becomes a canvas for creativity, an annual celebration of imagination and a chance to embrace the extraordinary. Amid the traditional favorites that come to define the holiday lies an opportunity to explore new horizons in costume design. Choosing unique and imaginative alternatives such as wizards, mad scientists and werewolves adds a fresh twist to the Halloween narrative.

 The Chant wishes readers a Happy Halloween! 

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