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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Jonas Brothers spread their wings on their North American tour

Mackenzie Blanco
Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas embarked on their North America Tour which began in the spring of 2023. The tour details all of their accomplishments since the beginning of the Jonas Brothers’s pop rock band in 2005. Each concert highlights songs from their five albums including newer songs from “The Album” which became produced specifically for their tour, coincidentally named “The Tour.”

May 2, 2023, the notorious New Jersey brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas—the Jonas Brothers—announced their North America tour that brought millions of fans excitement. The Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013 to pursue careers individually and raise families of their own while strengthening their relationship with one another. During the break-up, Nick focused on new music with his band titled Nick and the Administration; Joe focused on his pop group titled DNCE and Kevin dedicated himself to raising his two daughters, Alena and Valentina, with his wife, Danielle Jonas. In 2019, after a six-year split, the Jonas Brothers made their comeback. The upbringing of the band led them to release their fifth album, “Happiness Begins” which made way for upcoming tour dates. May 5, The Jonas Brothers released an album dedicated to their tour called, “The Album” which hyped up their fan base for the approaching tour. 

With 21.7 million monthly Jonas Brothers listeners, “The Album” consisted of 12 songs, including singles such as “Waffle House” and “Wings” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s top album sales chart May 27. The Jonas Brothers sold 35,500 copies of their new album within the first week of the release which compares to their “Happiness Begins” album that sold more than 400,000 copies. Fans spend months preparing themselves for the Jonas Brothers to visit cities all around North America. Fans created posters and planned their outfits to match the recurring themes in the Jonas Brothers’ songs such as a popular hit, “Burnin’ Up.” Fans dressed in red dresses because of the popular line “high heels, red dress” that Nick sings in numerous songs. Multiple tour dates took place for specific cities such as California, Florida, Atlanta and their home state of New Jersey for the thousands of exhilarated fans awaiting the Jonas Brothers. Georgia fans celebrated the arrival of the Jonas Brothers to Atlanta October 1 and October 18 at the State Farm Arena

“My experience at the Jonas Brothers concert was amazing! The whole fandom is so respectful to one another and the brothers are such great performers. The energy the entire time was so high and enjoyable. I love how the Jonas Brothers had old videos of them on the big screen and just watched and enjoyed themselves. It’s really nice being able to see them love what they do. Seeing them have fun on stage was amazing,” sophomore Lisa Scranton said. 

The Jonas Brothers chose the popular band Lawrence to open each night to bring energy to the concert. October 1, the brothers kicked off the concert in Atlanta with an exhilarating entrance following their opening song “Celebrate!” to set the tone for the evening. The concert took four months to plan how the brothers would play songs from all five albums beginning with their debut album “It’s About Time.” Recurring fireworks and lighting effects became incorporated throughout the concert to create a memorable experience for their fans. The Jonas Brothers used specific chords between transitions which led to dramatic electric guitar riffs played by Kevin and Nick. Joe took over as the lead vocalist for a multitude of songs that fans adored. Kevin, Joe and Nick interacted with their fans through a kiss cam where Joe would find couples in the crowd to feature on camera. The kiss cam moments took place during their highly recognized song, “Love Her” which describes the love they hold for their wives

“The concert was really fun, I went with my mom and my sister for her birthday and they are a good group, but I feel like I did not know a lot of the songs but even if you do not know all the songs they are a good band to see. The song ‘Year 3000’ is my favorite because it reminds me of summer. That song is always playing at the camp that I get to go to,” magnet junior Allison Zitsch said. 

As the concert continued, a total of 35 songs from their discography including the well-liked album, “Happiness Begins” became featured. The show lasted two and a half hours with a 15-minute intermission to give the brothers a break and to change into their second outfit of the night. The brothers sang accompanied by their supporting band which added a strong sense of jazz influence to their music. The band consists of 10 musicians including saxophones and drummers who brought an exciting twist to the performance. 

“They played all of their albums including the newest one. [In] ‘The Album,’ my favorite song is absolutely ‘Little Bird.’ It’s very meaningful between the brothers and their daughters and it’s so heartwarming to listen to,” Scranton said. 

The Jonas Brothers wrapped up the concert with newer music from their latest albums such as “Waffle House,” “Vacation Eyes” and “Wings.” The final song of the night took place as their number-one hit, “Leave Before You Love Me.” The brothers concluded the concert with an individual visit to each side of the stage saying goodbye to their fans and met in the middle for a final bow that left their fans roaring

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