Unfriend this social media horror flick before it hits theaters


A.J. Hairston

The new movie Unfriended starring Heather Sossaman is a new cyber terror movie of girls worst mistakes going viral and the uploaders paying the price.

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

This month social networking sites raved over the Unfriended movie trailer. The clip raised plenty of attention as it holds the exclusive title of “first social media horror movie.” But honestly, how scary can a movie about a haunted Skype call be?

Universal set the movie’s release initially for July 20, 2015; however, they soon altered the release date to April 17. With the movie’s release swiftly approaching, I can only shudder as I imagine its negative reviews. The entire trailer itself lacked any common sense.

“At first, I really didn’t understand the trailer. I was really confused as to why they chose to make it based off a Skype call. There’s no way it can be scary,” senior Amelia Seay commented.

The preview created more laughs than gasps. Nothing seemed remotely unnerving about the events (except for the sole part in which a male sticks his hand in a blender). The entire trailer left viewers sarcastically laughing and quite disappointed that the horror industry had come to such lows.

It begins with the suicide of Lara Barns after an embarrassing video of her leaked on the internet. Then, the trailer skips to exactly one year later and six of her friends are seen video chatting on Skype. Sounds normal, right? Think again. Events soon take a turn for the worse as a strange caller, billie227,  joins the chat, acting as if he or she is Lara Barns back from the grave via an app.

“I just found it so stupid that these kids were actually scared of a Skype call. Just turn the computer off or call the police, it’s not even scary,” sophomore Andrea Ordanio said.

A more reasonable solution? Just turn the computer off and contact the authorities for online harassment. The creepy death threats alone should send the teenagers scrambling for help. Instead they simply sit and cower in fear as they watch each one of their friends die, one by one.

The movie itself looks like a Skype call, complete with the poor Internet quality and frozen screens. The effect will either turn out annoying or interesting. And though Universal attempted to create originality with their plot, they utterly failed, at least based on the trailer. The movie looks like a mixture of Pretty Little Liars and Paranormal Activity. And the worst part? Billie227’s first words are “Guess Who?!?!” How unoriginal and cheesy can this movie get? How many movies involve vengeful dead teenagers? Only half the movies on Netflix, it seems.

“I thought the movie trailer was actually hilarious, considering the first thing billie227 said was ‘guess who’. That phrase alone proves the movie is a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously,” said senior Travis Onyima.

Although I doubt Unfriended will scare me, I am positive the film will make audiences painfully laugh. The poor acting and ridiculous plot alone convince me to buy a ticket and witness this trainwreck.

The Chant‘s grade: D-