Let The Bachelor Thirsty Games begin, Mondays @ 8 PM, ABC


Lindsay Kovel

Who will ultimately leave with Chris’s heart and head to lonely Iowa? We’ll stay tuned every Monday and keep this bracket updated. These are our predictions.

Carli Troutman, Entertainment editor, Ad manager

This season of The Bachelor has brought out some of the weirdest characters that The Bachelor universe has ever seen. Our bachelor Chris Soules, or “Prince Farming,” has a lot of work to do because these lovesick girls thirst for blood, ahem…his heart.  From onion-obsessed girls to a scary widow in love with the story of her husband’s death to girls obsessed with their virginity, this season has definitely shocked fans more than the last.

Tonight’s episode can promise a long bumpy ride full of crying and panic attacks. On last week’s episode, the crazed widow Kelsey fell on the floor right before the rose ceremony and claimed to have a panic attack. This caused a lot of commotion in the other girls who were already confused with Kelsey and her motives. The whole incident seemed strange and staged after her recent confession to Chris and the girls about her husband’s death, which spawned no cocktail party (which never means anything good).

Other than Krazy Kelsey, this season is full of promising girls with solid personalities and good intentions. The obvious front runners are Becca, Britt, Whitney, and Kaitlyn. These girls have shown the best relationship with Chris so far in the show. We all hope this season will end with a beautiful engagement and then an amazing wedding gracing our televisions. This season, though bumpy from the start, still holds fans on for this slim chance of a happy ending in Iowa. Follow along with our interactive “Thirsty Games” bracket.