Warrior 101 program welcomes new students, helps familiarize campus


Fatima Elfakahany

As morning dawned, students dressed in orange and blue stood at doors next to signs illustrating the location of the event. They were placed at the two main entrances as well as in the hallways.

Fatima Elfakahany and Sophia Mapua

Warrior 101, a program aiming to welcome new NC students, commenced on February 4.

Administrator Mr. Revard takes credit for the program, hoping to connect students to one another and ensure their comfort on school grounds.

The newcomers, composed of immigrants, out-of-district students, transfers, and homeschoolers, enrolled from the beginning of the school year through January 27. The program features a presentation, exhibiting all that NC offers. Revard also recruits current students to share personal experiences and offer advice.

After The Tribe panel presented, each student, regardless of who won, received a NC goody bag that contained NC memorophilia, including a shirt and a pen.
Fatima Elfakahany
After The Tribe panel presented, each student, regardless of who won, received a NC goody bag that contained NC memorophilia, including a shirt and a pen.

“Data shows that students who transfer from one school to another have a higher chance of failing a class or not getting involved; it’s much greater than if they began their school career here. We wanted to avoid that, which is why we did this,” said Revard.

The event kicked off with a breakfast for parents and students, a welcome speech by Dr. Page, and a “We Are North Cobb” video. Afterwards, the administrators and counselors introduced themselves. Students also received information about the various clubs, fine arts, and sports offered at NC. Additionally, the students completed a scavenger hunt and tour through the school, familiarizing themselves with the campus.

At the hunt, counselors and staff distributed maps and instructed them to find six tickets scattered throughout the school. The first team to find all six tickets won. Once all the teams arrived back in the media center, Tribal Connections set up a question and answer panel.

“I spoke to North Cobb newcomers from 9th to 12th grade. We just wanted to make them feel welcome and tell them all the stuff they can get into so they can feel at home in our high school,” junior Kayla Welcher said. “I talked about Tribal Connections and homecoming and explained its importance and how our committee executed our plans and that we’re a family. Kids need to get involved, which is why this is so important. When kids have too much time on their hands, they tend to procrastinate and don’t have the best experience.”

The event was the first of its kind hosted at NC. Teachers recommended the program to the administration, who seized upon it eagerly.

“We really wanted to bring in new students and the parents of new students to give them an opportunity to see what it is North Cobb has to offer, welcome them into the Warrior Nation, and encourage them to get involved in as many things as they can possibly get involved in,” Revard said.

Senior Kelsey Davis, juniors Alex Flack and Kala Welcher, and sophomore Alexander Sanchez introduced their favorite clubs, staying after the event to answer any additional questions. They also personally introduced themselves to the newcomers.

“We talked about how you can get involved and have an excellent experience at North Cobb. I specifically talked about the amount of clubs and organizations that I have participated in, along with my new upcoming project that I have gotten a ton of help with from the administration and the staff,” Flack said. “Coming to a new school where you don’t know anyone can be difficult, so it’s nice having a panel of people that have experienced it.”

The new students, who may still require some adjustment, nonetheless appear to appreciate the guidance of staff members and their peers.

“It really helps us get to know the school more. I mean, we were trying to find our way around the school, and since I didn’t know my way around, it was good. I didn’t really know anyone either, but this helps,” said freshman Mikala White.