The Chant

Josh Hollis sits in the principal's office, discussing the logistics of the incoming turnover of power within the administration. Running for senior class president, Hollis decided to take the position of Principal as a way to pack back the community that granted him the platform and status he flaunts. Hollis ran a campaign for Senior class president using his natural charm and leadership abilities.

Power to the pupils: Students now running NC

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Reporter, Photgorapher
April 1, 2019
As Principal Moody takes on his new role, he holds the Warrior Nation to high standards. “I’d like to see more student inquiry, that’s my big catch phrase, just having students inquire the ‘why’ about the lesson, not just copying down notes. Another phrase I like to refer to is was the lesson about you guys as a student discovery or was it just a delivery of information? I think our teachers have really embraced ways to activate those higher levels of learning, I'm excited about what I’ve seen so far,” Moody said.

Moody sets the mood for a new school year

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor
September 6, 2018
Students brought flowers to line the fence on the field where the memorial took place. The brainchild of administration and select leaders from each grade, the ceremony aimed to commemorate the teens and adults who fell victim to the Valentine’s Day massacre at Douglas County High School. “Imagine if we came together like this all the time. We wouldn’t be having these conversations about gun reform and school shootings if we were constantly supporting each other,” senior Kaylin Altman said.

17 minutes for 17 lives

Nadya Awino, Photo editor
March 22, 2018
Admin recently added signs to designate parking spaces for faculty and staff in the student lot near the gym, decreasing the number of spaces available to students. With construction workers already taking up a portion of the lower lot, students flew into a rage about the lack of spots. Senior Kaylee Hurlston said, “Why did I pay for a $50 parking pass if there’s nowhere for me to park?”

You snooze, you lose… your parking spot

Erin Grier, Photographer, Reporter
March 13, 2018
Administration recently issued a ban on flyers taped to the wall, installing hanging strips for clubs to promote themselves. With over 50 clubs at NC that advertise through flyers, colored paper and fallen poster clutter the halls and create additional work for janitors. The ban will reduce litter and neatly organize the signs for students, providing more easily accessible information.

NC can’t hang…

Nadya Awino, Photo Editor
January 24, 2018
Due to the mid-semester stress that comes along as the end of the semester approaches, students tend to misplace items. These items are accounted as a lost cause and never searched for again. Admin encourages students to stop by the lost and found table located next to the attendance office to collect their lost items. At the end of the day anything that remains on the table will be taken to goodwill as a donation.

Missing clothes!

Natalia Alvarez, Photographer, Reporter
November 16, 2017
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