Science Olympiad scores first, third place prizes at Southern Polytechnic State on Feb 28


Nabila Pranto

Freshman Jessica Lee and senior Keyanna Reeves test out their bungee drop before the competition with the help of graduate Eric Vendermen from Southern Polytechnic University.

Nabila Pranto, Reporter, Photographer

ASR and Chemistry teacher Mrs. Tippens and Environmental Science teacher Mr. Stanhope led the NC Warriors Science Team through another successful year of Science Olympiad. The Regional Science Olympiad occurred at Southern Polytechnic State University on February 28.

The Science Team gathers in the conference room for a quick lunch break before the award ceremony.
Nabila Pranto
The Science Team gathers in the conference room for a quick lunch break before the award ceremony.

The Science Olympiad encourages students to become involved in active and hands-on group competitions amongst other schools. NC’s Science Team competed in High School Division C. They participated in many events including Physical Science and Chemistry along with Technology and Engineering against 25 other high school teams in Georgia. The students showed off their skills in technology and engineering by building technologies like bridges and bungee drops.

“I like building and experimenting with different tools, being apart of this club makes doing this so much easier,” senior Kennedy Nzuki said.

Senior Krystal Washington and junior Elana Lawson’s hard work won the team first place in the Anatomy and Physiology category. Senior Kiana Jean-Baptiste and junior Ben Jones also achieved third place in the Green Generation category.

“I get to explore all fields of science. This is a great club to be a part of to meet new people and compete against other schools,” junior Ashley Ford explained.

The Science Team won competitions in different categories in years before, but Mrs. Tippens remains proud of their outstanding achievements: “These are an amazing group of students and they’ve had a lot of fun competing with other high schools. It’s all about the fun.”