Perfect for prom, “Cancer sucks, rent a tux” fundraiser helps Relay for Life

Still waiting til the last minute for prom wear? Seek out Relays inventive fundraiser at Mens Wearhouse before Saturday.

Sophia Mackey

Still waiting ’til the last minute for prom wear? Seek out Relay’s inventive fundraiser at Men’s Wearhouse before Saturday.

Judy Stubblefield, Photo Editor-in-Chief

Well known for its zealous, creative efforts in raising money and awareness for cancer research, the NC Relay for Life club branches out even more with the “Cancer Sucks, Rent a Tux” fundraiser.

In light of the pronounced prom season, the NC Relay for Life teamed up with Men’s Wearhouse for this simple but effective fundraiser: with every NC tuxedo rental, Men’s Wearhouse will donate five dollars to the NC club.

“This is the first time [we have done this fundraiser].The owner actually approached us with the idea. I [then] talked to Mrs. Hopp about promoting it with Relay for Life. That’s where the fundraiser came from,” Ms. Tidrick, Relay For Life sponsor, said.

Tidrick and Hopp continue to propel NC’s Relay for Life into a positive direction, diversifying its fundraisers with team sponsorships, “Shamrock-grams,” Blow Pops, Luminaries, and now tuxedo rentals.

“It feels good to know that this club is actually making a difference for people that struggle with this disease daily, and it’s astonishing because in our life, one time or another, we have encountered someone with cancer,” junior Aimen Choudhary said. “We try to use fundraisers that attract students. Why would a student want to buy something they are not interested in? Prom is something almost everyone is interested in.”