Caffeine addicts, rejoice! This iced coffee recipe how-to will beat the heat

Sophia Mackey, Reporter, Photographer, Artist/Cartoonist

With the spring humidity and summer heat making their way back into weather forecasts, the usual hot cup of coffee becomes less and less desirable. Avid coffee-drinkers need their coffee every morning, but at this point, the heat makes coffee-drinking feel less like the best part of the day and more like a chore.

However, caffeine addicts still need to keep the energy flowing despite the rise in temperature. To get their coffee fill, javaholics should consider switching to iced coffee. What many fail to realize is that iced coffee involves more than just putting ice cubes into hot coffee. This drink requires an actual recipe.
Follow this recipe to end the battle between coffee and comfort:

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To ensure your coffee is ice cold, brew the pot of coffee the night before. Place the filter in its usual spot and put in 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds. This may seem like a lot of coffee grounds, but the ice the next day will water down the strong flavor.









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Pour approximately 2 cups of water into its usual spot. Feel free to increase or decrease the amount of water and coffee grounds to your preferred amount. Just be sure to keep the ratio the same to have a tasty, effective drink in the morning.










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Turn the machine on and let the greatness that is coffee begin to pour. As soon as the coffee finishes brewing, remove the pot from the heat. Removing it from the heat as soon as possible allows for more refrigerator time.









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Pour the completely cooled brewed coffee into a different cup to place in the refrigerator. It is important to pour the coffee into a different cup because placing the actual coffee pot directly into the refrigerator can be dangerous. Leaving the coffee in the pot damages the glass by staining it or possibly cracking it.











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Leave the coffee in the refrigerator overnight. By the time you wake up, the coffee will be the refreshing brew you need.











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Next morning, pour the coffee into your usual coffee cup. Stir in your preferred amount of liquid creamer, NOT powdered. Powdered creamer will not mix with the cold coffee. At this point, add in your preferred amount of sugar or sweetener.










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Add the ice and spend a few minutes stirring your coffee so it can all mix. Since the coffee is cold, the ingredients do not mix as well as they might with a simple, quick stir when hot.

At this point, you should have the perfect cup of iced coffee ready for drinking.