It’s scary…to pay 10 bucks to see this lame horror flick


Nabila Pranto

The horror movie Unfriended filled the house with hundreds of viewers intrigued by the trailer ready to watch the horror unfold. “I saw the movie and I personally thought it was more funny than scary,” said senior Amelia Seay.

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

Horror flick Unfriended unfolds over teenager Blaire Lily’s laptop screen and follows the story of Laura Barns’s vengeful, revenge-seeking spirit on a group of friends. Viewers might find themselves rooting for Laura to hurry up and give her friends their comeuppance instead of waiting for the end of the film, an excruciatingly monotonous hour and twenty-two minutes of failure.

“The movie wasn’t even scary. Sure, they tried to be and I guess there were a couple of intense scenes, but other than that, it wasn’t scary,” senior Sydney Dyke said.

The movie begins with a group of four friends video chatting on skype: Blaire Lily and her boyfriend Mitch Roussel, Adam Sewell, Jess Felton, and Ken Smith. After casual chatter, the four friends notice a nameless addition to their call: billie227. At first, they try to rid themselves of the nameless account, but nothing prevails. Then Laura Barns, the group’s deceased friend, begins sending messages to the friends. Blaire, Laura’s closest friend, attempts to memorialize the account, but fails. The group of friends then add Val Rommel to the chat, assuming she is in charge of the strange events.

“The beginning was kind of confusing at first because all we really know is that Laura Barns committed suicide because of a video someone put up of her. We don’t know anything else about her or her friends,” sophomore Andrea Ordanio said.

After adding Val to the chat, arguments begin between her and Jess, and soon, the five discover that Val is not behind the strange cybernatural events. When billie227 begins harassing the friends, Val attempts to call 911. Laura did not agree with her decision, as Val was the first to die. Her death sprung a game of “Never Have I Ever” with billie227 in charge. The game reveals the friends’ backstabbing deeds and slowly, one by one, Laura kills them all off.

“It was actually kind of disturbing how fake the teenagers were. In fact, they were so fake, so it was kind of impossible to believe,” senior Makayla Brimmage said.

Although the movie failed to scare, it definitely provided a new twist to the typical horror genre. Director Leven Gabriadze showed nothing else but Blaire’s laptop screen during the entire movie. Although it was interesting, it destroyed the idea of watching a movie and instead made viewers “read” the movie. And despite a new movie angle, the plot remained incredibly uninteresting and made little to no sense. For avid movie enthusiasts and horror fanatics, Unfriended disgraces the horror industry. But for those who shy away from intense horror movies, Unfriended may just be the perfect scare.

The Chant’s Grade: D