Starbucks’ Cold Brew stirs up boring morning routines


Sarah Sutley

Starbucks’ Cold Brew might become the next popular iced coffee beverage for its classic, coffeehouse taste.

Sarah Sutley, Entertainment editor

Catering to its customers’ cries for a refreshing and caffeinated summer beverage, Starbucks recently introduced another variety of iced coffee: the Cold Brew.

While the Cold Brew remains a long-standing staple of small, hipster coffee houses, often mainstream chains advertise the drink as a revolutionary new concept. So what sets the Cold Brew apart from typical iced coffee?

The Process

Baristas brew typical iced coffee the same way as its steaming counterpart. Some baristas prefer to brew iced coffee at double-strength, but the process remains the same. The only distinction remains whether the pot of joe is poured into a mug or over ice. Cold Brew, on the other hand, receives special treatment. Taking anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to brew, the barista basically mixes chilled water with a large quantity of finely ground coffee beans. Over time, this creates a concentrate that is later diluted with water and ingeniously named “the Cold Brew.”

starbucks_coffee_infographic_032715_3_1Sarah Sutley
The Taste

Cold brewing eliminates the traditional heating process of regular coffee, so the beverage chemically contains less acids and oils. This not only gives the drink a far bolder and distinct taste, but digestive systems will also appreciate it. Likewise, avid Starbucks drinkers may describe this beverage as the traditional house blend taste in a new iced variety.

Although the coffee fails to provide a “chocolate, citrus” flavor as advertised, the cold brew stands as extremely satisfying for those looking for a stronger coffee without the sugary additions of cream and sugar. Additionally, the cold brew contains significantly more caffeine than regular iced coffee.

Of course, the advanced brewing time and process associated with the cold brew comes at a price. While a traditional Starbucks iced coffee costs $2.65 (for a grande), the new cold brew sets you back $3.25. However, coffee fans will find the extra cost worth the classic taste and added caffeine jolt of the Cold Brew.

The Chant’s grade: A