Valentine’s Day DIY: Surprises for your sweetheart


Nabila Pranto

Easy DIY gifts make the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for your honey.

Nabila Pranto, Reporter, Photographer

Valentine’s Day: Two days away. You still have not chosen a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Nothing feels worse than waiting until the last minute to buy a gift, so why not make one they will actually like, and you can finish it before the big day?

For all of these you will just need scissors and glue.

“Hooked on You”

GummywormsDIY1Nabila Pranto
The first craft one can make pretty simply. If you feel “hooked” on your Valentine, a jar filled with gummy worms and a note attached to the jar puts the cliche into action.






hookedonyou1What you will need:

  1. 16oz Mason Jar, a set of 4 is $4.47 (Walmart)
  2. Sour Gummies-$1.00 (Dollar Tree)
  3. Decorated stock paper-$3.00 (Walmart)
  4. Metallic Permanent marker-set of 4 by Casemate for $1.97 (Walmart)























“Kisses When I’m Not Around”

materialsforkissjarWhy not treat them with chocolate kisses? Fill the jar with Hershey Kisses and replace the inner top part of the lid with decorated stock paper labeled “Kisses for when I’m not around” and tie it off with a ribbon.









fillinginthekissesWhat you will need:

  1. 16oz Mason Jar
  2. Hershey Kisses-$1 per bag (Dollar Tree)
  3. Decorated Stock Paper
  4. Ribbon- 47 cents (Walmart)






















“Collage of Love”

collageframworkBring out your crafty side and remind your Valentine what they mean to you with a personalized showpiece. Look through the magazines to find pictures or words that remind you of them or your relationship to create the perfect frame of collages.





What you will need:

  1. Picture frame $1 (Dollar Tree)
  2. Paper
  3. Magazines