Starbucks’ butterscotch latte: A Harry Potter fan’s dream


Sarah Sutley

Starbucks’ butterscotch latte provides a strong drink for coffee lovers.

Sarah Sutley, Entertainment editor

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Starbucks’ most recent installment in their string of limited-edition lattes―the smoked butterscotch latte―provides a satisfying taste, reminiscent of the infamous butterbeer featured in the Harry Potter series.

Although the coffee giant does not connect their drink to J.K. Rowling’s’ famous books, people across the country continue making the obvious connection. Starbucks describes their drink as: “a mix of milk, smoked butterscotch, and spice intermingled with full-bodied espresso.” While the drink does contain some similar flavors to the butterbeer served at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the coffee aspect of the beverage throws off the reference.

Immediately upon tasting, the latte reminded of a Werther’s candy, providing a buttery and caramelized taste and aroma. On the other hand,the latte’s smokiness slightly overwhelmed, but those who enjoy a bold cup of coffee in the morning will likely enjoy the drink. Starbucks claims their decision to introduce a smoked aspect to the butterscotch latte came in hopes of enhancing the savoriness of the espresso. This drink presents a decent alternative to a traditional morning cup of coffee, but contains too many strong flavors to become an afternoon favorite.

The latte could benefit from a stronger butterscotch flavor. The drink needs a little more sweetness and a little less boldness. Overall though, the smoked butterscotch latte does not stem far from its traditional latte counterpart. While drinks like the chestnut praline latte and molten chocolate latte mask Starbucks’ famous espresso flavor with their overwhelmingly sugary tastes, this new edition stays true to its roots.

Additionally, the smoked butterscotch latte remains free of whip cream and additions, making it a lower-calorie option than Starbucks’ other recently introduced drinks. Although untasted, the smoked butterscotch flavor is also available as a frappucino.

The new beverage provides a way for classic coffee lovers to add a prominent new flavor to their traditional espresso drink, without having to endure a sugar rush. This new beverage provides a good reason to take a trip to a local Starbucks (and Hogsmeade) for personal tastes of the smoked butterscotch latte.  

The Chant’s Grade: B