NC presents scholarships, awards at annual Honors Night


Anabel Prince

Honors night served as an event to honor NC’s most talented students from all areas of the school.

Anabel Prince, Copy editor

NC hosted its annual Honors Night at NorthStar Church, recognizing talented students in every facet of academics, on Tuesday, April 19.

The night honored students in individual classes and awarded scholarships to graduating seniors. “The purpose of Honors Night is to recognize outstanding students for their excellence in academic achievement, as well as their school and community service,” the front presentation screen read before the event.

The event began with Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood awarding the Mayor’s Cup, commending a student devoted to the community, to senior Lexi Medina.

“Winning the Mayor’s Cup was such a surprise and [it] made me feel so special and that I truly made a difference at NC in my four years here,” Medina said. “The night as  a whole was so incredible. I was fortunate to receive the awards I did, but it was also cool to see my friends recognized for all their hard work over the years as well.”

Other scholarships awarded included The Lindsey Tippens Scholarship presented by the Senator, The LGE Credit Union scholarship, various Kennesaw Business Association scholarships, the Ronald Reagan student leadership award, as well as 20 others.

“It felt great to be recognized for my music ability and to be chosen for an award,” senior Alison Goddard, who won the Marine Semper Fidelis Music Award, said. “It was a great surprise.”

Following these recognitions, AP English Language/ Honors American Lit teacher and Newspaper adviser Lindsay Kovel commenced the departmental awards and honors, starting with the English Department. Representatives from each department followed Kovel’s suit in honoring students in each class under math, science, social studies, world language, physical education, fine arts, and career and technology education departments.

“I was so honored to win the [Arabic I] award. This is my first year in Arabic and I really love it, so winning an award for it was really special. I have never been to honors night before, and everyone in my class is really good at it, so it was surprising,” junior Shelby Estroff said.

Honoring NC’s students serves as an annual tradition to commend talented students in multiple areas of study.