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Students spend the last days before finals studying for their upcoming tests. For those that struggled in their classes this semester, finals provide a final opportunity to boost their grade, so they hope to perform well. Failing or not, each student, remains anxious for finals to pass so they can enjoy the holiday break.

Finals approaching

Jenny Loveland, Staff
December 18, 2019
As the semester comes to a close, and the holiday season approaches, students display extreme excitement for the upcoming break. With students from all over the county studying at NC, winter break provides a great time for students to spend quality time with family and friends. “I can’t wait for Christmas and break. Finals are almost here too but other than that, I am so ready for time off,” Magnet sophomore Molly Clark said.

Christmas jitters

Peyton Stack, Staff
December 17, 2019
Counting down the days to spring break—19 more days to be exact—students begin their preparations by booking condos to spend the days on the beach in their new swimsuits. “I am ready for spring break, I think everyone is. Spring break is the best break for sure, and I am excited to spend time at the beach,” sophomore Sydney Crowe said.

Please come faster, #SB2K19

Dehlin Lee, Reporter, Photographer
March 13, 2019
These four students sit around the table discussing what they did during last week’s winter break. Winter break took place from Monday the 18th to Friday the 22nd, allowing students to catch up with their friends and families, travel for college visits, relax at home, and do their homework. The next break will not happen until the first week of April.

Students return from much-needed February break

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
February 25, 2019
Soaking up the sun and the first day back from break, NC students share stories about their fun-filled February vacations while enjoying the breezy weather in the courtyard. While most students stayed in state for the break, some road tripped to bordering states or flew across the country to visit friends and family. With the end of the year in sight, students used this break to rest and recharge to make sure they head into the last stretch of the school year strong.

Back from February Break

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief
February 26, 2018
Students wait patiently to use the restroom during the beginning of the water main being shut down, knowing that water cant flow until it gets fixed.

Water main shut down causes minor concern

Danielle Osakwe, Photographer, Artist/Cartoonist
August 11, 2015
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