The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin, Staff

Michelle Lin is a junior at North Cobb’s Magnet program, who is joining The Chant as a photographer. She joined newspaper hoping to continue doing what she loves: writing. “I think joining The Chant is going to be one of the best decisions I make because it’s really going to help improve my writing skills and prepare me for the future,” Lin said.

Being in magnet has been a lot of work for her but she enjoys the challenges and is grateful to be able to experience her high school memories with her friends. Lin wants to graduate high school and attend her dream school, NYU, to pursue a career in the business field there.

In her free time, she loves to lay in bed all day and binge-watch shows on Netflix. When she is not watching Netflix, she’s either listening to music or watching sports on TV. Lin, as a member of The Chant since junior year, is looking forward to writing articles leaning more towards the Entertainment category like music and TV show reviews, as well as some articles where she can express her opinions. She is very excited about the upcoming year and is planning to graduate very soon and go to college.

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NC contains a great diversity of students: depending on their characteristics and personalities, every classroom could include at least one person who sleeps through lectures (The Sleepers), another that loves to talk (The Teacher’s Pets/Class Clowns), or yet another that constantly stares at their phones (The Slackers). No matter what type of stereotype group the students belong to, they play a huge part in the high school experience.

Types of students at NC

Michelle Lin, Staff
December 3, 2019
Coming back from the weekend, students arrived in the computer lab early in the morning, prepared to take their English EOC. All English EOCs take place during either first, third or fourth period, and students receive up to 90 minutes of time to complete their test. The end of course tests measure the student’s knowledge of everything they learned during the semester and usually accounts for a major portion of their grade.

Let the EOC testing begin

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
April 29, 2019
NC seniors declared Monday, March 25 as this year’s Senior Skip Day by not showing up to school. The seniors celebrated their last prom in high school on Saturday, dancing and partying the night away. They decided not to go to school on Monday, leaving the lowerclassmen to take all the empty seats.

Where did all the seniors go?

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
March 25, 2019
NC’s Japanese foreign exchange students arrived from Kochi, Japan yesterday and spent their Monday attending classes with their hosts. In the Magnet lounge, junior Isabel Daez introduced her foreign exchange student Nonoka Sakita to her lunch buddies juniors Ketzel Greve and Vicki Zitsch. They sat at their table laughing and chatting away, making sure that Sakita felt welcomed. “She likes it here so far. Her favorite part so far was the Welcome Ceremony where she tried a Chick-Fil-A biscuit,” her host and translator Daez said.

NC welcomes Japanese exchange students

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
March 11, 2019
NC varsity baseball hopes to continue their four game winning streak tonight at Lassiter High School. “I really don’t want to let down the team or the school tonight. We’ve been doing so good and I hope we can continue,” sophomore catcher Harry Ford said.

[Photo] Will the winning streak continue?

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer
March 7, 2019
These four students sit around the table discussing what they did during last week’s winter break. Winter break took place from Monday the 18th to Friday the 22nd, allowing students to catch up with their friends and families, travel for college visits, relax at home, and do their homework. The next break will not happen until the first week of April.

Students return from much-needed February break

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
February 25, 2019
Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when your friends can spend Valentine’s Day with you? For all those single ladies and gents out there, you no longer need a date to enjoy your February 14th when you can spend it with your friends and family.

Guide to being single on Valentine’s Day

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
February 14, 2019
Students who have a low A (90-94%) before taking the final could possibly end up with a B after the final. A single bad score on the final can bring down the student’s entire semester’s worth of hard work, which is why NC should allow their students who meet special requirements an opportunity to exempt finals.

Finals: Hit or miss?

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
February 5, 2019
Junior Tanner Corbett wore his Tom Brady sports jersey to celebrate the New England Patriots’ win during Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII. The Patriots won against the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. “I knew from the beginning the Patriots were going to win, however, I was surprised about how well the defense was played from both teams,” Corbett said.

Yes, the Patriots won…again

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
February 4, 2019
Benefits of foreign language study

Benefits of foreign language study

Michelle Lin, Photographer
December 28, 2018
These four orchestra violinists give up their lunch time to practice for the upcoming Tree Lighting Ceremony. The students hope to master their Christmas music pieces before performing on Thursday, November 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wellstar Acworth Health Park.

Practice makes perfect

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
November 26, 2018
Mrs. Tamara Rankerburg’s AP US History class began working on their comprehensive project today. The project involves creating a Powerpoint or Weebly to show an understanding of the causes and effects of the Great Depression during the 1930s. The students hope to finish the project by Thursday to receive an opportunity to bring up their grades in the unit test category in the gradebook.

Not depressed about their grades!

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
November 5, 2018
The recent season premiere of the hit show Riverdale came out on Wednesday October 10 with a new storyline emerging from the series.  The show focuses on a new supernatural theme distinctive to the suspense from previous seasons. Riverdale releases new episodes featuring drama, romance, and mystery every Wednesday night on the CW.

Third season’s the charm

Michelle Lin, Photographer
October 25, 2018
NC’s Standing Ovation will present two shows of the comedic play, Suite Surrender, on October 24 and 25 at 7 p.m. The show will take place at NC’s new Performance Art Center for only $5 at the door. “I’m so excited for this performance because we worked really hard on it. The set turned out beautiful and the actors are hilarious. This is definitely my favorite show yet,” tech crew member Niara Minnifeld said.

Open the curtains!

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
October 23, 2018
NC Marching Band members prepare for the annual Cobb Exhibition happening later tonight. Junior Vicki Zitsch studies the schedule, as she mentally plans out how to finish all her homework before arriving to the event.
 “Cobb Exhibition is really cool. They split it into two days where half of the marching band performs on the first day, and the other half performs on the second day. You get to go and watch other school’s marching bands perform, and then we’re going to perform our own marching band show in front of judges who give us feedback on how we can improve,” Zitsch says.

Cobb Exhibition anticipation

Michelle Lin, Reporter/Photographer
October 8, 2018
At the Politiclub meeting, Democrat Andy Clark, runner for Senate in District 37, chats with the NC students, engaging them in the conversation. The audience asks interesting questions to keep the discussion going as Clark introduces himself and goes over his campaign goals.

Senate runner Andy Clark visits NC

Michelle Lin, Photographer
September 18, 2018
Standing outside the main cafeteria in the hot sun, these ROTC students shine their shoes and prepare for their Annual Military Inspection (AMI). The AMI will be held on Wednesday, September 19 in the New Gym.

Shoe shine time!

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer
September 17, 2018
At the Lake City Animal Hospital, these students surround the shelter dog, Pickles, as they take turns petting him. Pickles steals the hearts of many as he jumps around giving kisses to his new friends. Interacting and socializing with the dogs at the shelter brings smiles and joy to both the dogs and the students.

Paws up for the Rescue Warriors

Michelle Lin, Photographer
August 31, 2018
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