The truth about TikTok’s African King: Lil Huddy


Michelle Lin

After a video of Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy, surfaced on the internet where he dropped the N-word, the media broke into a controversial debate. Those who have “canceled” the TikToker seem to neglect his African bloodline. However, the photo shows young Lil Huddy and NC Senior Ashu Ebot-Tabi posing together as a family, which proves his actual race.

Michelle Lin, Staff

With over 17 million followers on Tiktok, Chase Hudson, also known as the one and only Lil Huddy, started his career back in the days when was deemed popular. Huddy became a world sensational heartthrob when more and more fans discovered his platform on TikTok where he posted daily videos of himself lip-syncing and dancing to songs. 

Although all the videos of the young pop star throwing it back and cuddling with his rumored girlfriend, Charli D’amelio, did award him a good amount of clout, Huddy’s career only really kicked off when a video of him saying the n-word, a racial slur, surfaced on the internet. Due to the assumption that he did not have African heritage, several people started “canceling” him. However, the real fans who knew of Lil Huddy’s brother, NC senior Ashu Ebot-Tabi, claimed that he owned every right to say the word.

“I’m tired of all the haters online always trying to slander my brother. We practically look identical. I don’t understand what the problem is here. We’re both skinny legends, have dark hair and white teeth,” Ebot-Tabi said.

On a couple of occasions, Lil Huddy even referenced his African heritage on TikTok and Twitter, but viewers did not seem to take the hint. Not until after joining the HypeHouse did the melanin king finally start to get praised for bringing the much-needed flavor and diversity into the group. 

Cole changed his first and last name after he dropped out of school to pursue his career as a social media influencer, which is probably the only reason why some people are confused. After he moved to LA, he stayed inside the house for years making videos, so he became a bit paler than me. It’s just a bit though, I don’t know why people wouldn’t believe that we are the same race,” Ebot-Tabi said.

Both Lil Huddy and Ashu Ebot-Tabi enjoy posting thirst traps on social media to make their fangirls squeal with excitement. The two brothers love watching Black Panther together and playing a game of “Melaninopoly”. 

“Whoever dares to ever disrespect my brother is going to feel my wrath. I am so proud of my Wakanda King for standing up to all the haters. I think people are just jealous that he’s the perfect example of black excellence and exactly what Martin Luther King fought for,” Ebot-Tabi said.

Despite all the rumors that Lil Huddy does not contain a single drop of African blood in his body, the brothers have learned to ignore the hate. No matter what others say, deep down in each other’s hearts, they will forever identify as family.

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