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Michelle Lin
Michelle Lin is a junior at North Cobb’s Magnet program, who is joining The Chant as a photographer. She joined newspaper hoping to continue doing what she loves: writing. “I think joining The Chant is going to be one of the best decisions I make because it’s really going to help improve my writing skills and prepare me for the future,” Lin said.

Being in magnet has been a lot of work for her but she enjoys the challenges and is grateful to be able to experience her high school memories with her friends. Lin wants to graduate high school and attend her dream school, NYU, to pursue a career in the business field there.

In her free time, she loves to lay in bed all day and binge-watch shows on Netflix. When she is not watching Netflix, she’s either listening to music or watching sports on TV. Lin, as a member of The Chant since junior year, is looking forward to writing articles leaning more towards the Entertainment category like music and TV show reviews, as well as some articles where she can express her opinions. She is very excited about the upcoming year and is planning to graduate very soon and go to college.

Michelle Lin, Staff

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Michelle Lin