Listen to this: An introduction into the world of K-pop


Michelle Lin

Spotify offers a wide array of undiscovered and up-and-coming artists, especially in the K-pop genre.

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer

One cannot describe 21st-century media without mentioning K-pop. Groups like BTS, Twice, and BlackPink all rose to fame in 2016, and now, they have acquired one of the greatest followings worldwide. After researching deeply into the K-pop industry, music listeners need to listen to these top five K-pop artists/groups that nobody should miss out on.

Super Junior: This eight-member South Korean boy band formed all the way back in 2005. In 2009, they became internationally known after the release of their single “Sorry, Sorry.” They worked non-stop to release nine different albums and deserve more appreciation for their hard work. The music that Super Junior produces includes a variety of genres, including bubblegum pop (Twins album), contemporary R&B (Sorry, Sorry album), and alternative rock (Don’t Don album).

Recommended bops: “Sorry, Sorry,” “Mamacita,” “Devil

IU: The 25-year old solo artist, IU, made began his career in stardom by acting in K-Drama TV shows. In 2008, IU’s single “Good Day” topped the Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 Chart and set a record by staying on the chart for five weeks straight. Over the past few years, the singer/actress acted in six different movies and shows and released four albums. Her genre of music usually fits in the categories of contemporary R&B and electro-pop.

Recommended bops: “Palette (feat. G-Dragon),” “Bbibbi,” “Through the Night

Loona: Loona, a K-pop girl group, formed in 2016 when each of the twelve members released their own solo albums as a way to introduce themselves to the world. Just recently in 2018, they released their first full group debut album [++]  where their single, “favOriTe,” reached number two on the charts in Korea and number four in the US. Their songs match an energetic pop type of music with an influence of hip-hop, 90s R&B, and EDM.

Recommended bops: “Heart Attack,” “Singing in the Rain,” “favOriTe

Monsta X: Now, instead of just listening to BTS all day long, let us suggest another heartthrob boy group for the K-pop lovers out there. Monsta X contains a total of seven members: five vocalists and two rappers. Even though Monsta X increased their popularity with one of their most known singles “Hero,” they grew an even more versatile reputation after becoming the first K-pop group to perform at the 2018 KIIS-FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles. The all-boy band specializes in genres like hip-hop and EDM. If you enjoy fast beat tracks to party to, make sure to check out this amazing group.

Recommended bops: Dramarama,” “Hero,” “Jealousy

Girls Generation: Formed in 2007, an eight-member K-pop girl group rose to fame after the release of their debut EP, Gee. As they became more and more popular in South Korea, they managed to produce six Korean albums and four Japanese albums. Girls Generation does not only focus on one specific genre of music but different types ranging from bubblegum pop to contemporary R&B. If you enjoy listening to electropop, hip hop, drum, and bass, dubstep, or EDM type of music to bop your head and dance to, this band produces a variety of killer beats.

Recommended bops: “Gee,” “Lionheart,” “All Night”

The K-pop industry will continue to mass spread in 2019 so that people not only know about a single group called BTS but all the other solo artists and boy/girl groups that deserve the attention as well. By starting with these five recommended K-pop artists, one will hopefully explore more into this genre of enjoyment, happiness, and upbeat tunes.