Bladder clean it up: NC’s most disgusting bathrooms


Michelle Lin

NC bathrooms remain one of the most controversial topics of the school. The Chant helps the students narrow down their choices of which bathroom to choose by ranking the main building bathrooms from smelliest to cleanest.

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer

Depending on one’s bladder size, normally NC students would use a bathroom at least once a school day. On days of drinking too much water, students may even need to use the bathroom more than once, if necessary. Choosing between colleges may seem difficult, but don’t forget about the stress of deciding which NC bathroom smells the best, which looks the cleanest, and which actually provides toilet paper/paper towels to satisfy your needs. Here presents the top worst bathrooms of NC ranked in order depending on which will least likely to cause headaches and nausea for students.


Main Cafeteria Bathroom: The place seems pretty clean, with a couple of pieces of trash here and there, compared to all the other bathrooms. However, it presents only two stalls for all the sophomores, juniors, and seniors who eat in the cafeteria. With the kind of food the cafeteria serves, NC should consider the need for more than two stalls in that bathroom.

Odor level: Surprisingly not that terrible.


200 Hallway: This bathroom seems like another version of the 100 Hall bathroom but just with a tiny bench and a coat hanger. Majority of students do not utilize this one so of course, the place looks a little cleaner and smells a bit more fresh. The only sketchy aspect about this place points to the bench inside. It makes the bathroom much more crowded than it should as if whoever put that piece of wood there tried so hard to make the bathroom a place for comfort and socialization.

Odor level: Tolerable

Language Hall Bathroom: The first thought that comes to mind when talking about this bathroom: the three colored mirrors that every girl takes a selfie in. Can someone please just talk about who in their right mins decided to hang three mirrors– two right next to each other– up in a single, barely ten-foot bathroom? Not to mention the super-distracting poop-colored stain on the window right beside that mirror people take selfies in.

Odor level: Depends on if a language class held a food party or not that day.


Science Hall Bathroom: Even though the sinks and their pipes look as if they will explode any second, this bathroom seems much better than the Language Hall bathroom. People might expect more space and better-looking doors, yet whoever built this bathroom in the 1970s did not even bother thinking to build the walls just a teeny bit higher for students that measured more than four foot five.

Odor level: Wet sewage water


300 Hall Bathroom: One would think it would not seem as disgusting considering its location right in front of a vending machine filled with appetizing snacks. However, do not let that fool anyone because this bathroom always smells like something died in it. Imagine minding your own business, walking towards that vending machine to buy your growling stomach a snack, but then you suddenly receive a huge whiff of this fishy, musty smell coming out of that bathroom. In addition to that, the doors of the stalls seem like they could fall off its hinges at any second. They literally jiggle and squeal every time one tries to close the door.

Oder level: Finding Nemo dead in the sink


100 Hall Bathroom: Where does one even start describing the experience of using this bathroom? For a good two months, this restroom did not even bother including a ceiling for the users to view when they look up. The putrid smell of must and sewage from all the flooding and growing bacteria on the walls not only kills the sense of smell of the bathroom user, but it also manages to stink up the entire hallway. I am not sure who uses this bathroom as a hotspot to lay their bombs, but whoever does must absolutely want magnet kids to suffer because that smell travels all the way into the magnet lounge. The smell becomes so pungent, even janitors try to help by opening a window. However, it does not help this case since now, it makes the entire place extremely cold in there, making it a smelly, cold, unsanitary place to go. On top of all that, the toilet seats happen to have cracked, with pieces of the paint literally falling off. By far, this ranks as one of the absolute worst bathrooms of NC to ever exist.

Odor level: I’m not allowed to use this word on the site.

Let this teach a lesson to the students of NC: next time you decide on eating anything with high fiber or a high content of dairy, just remember that it may put us all in danger by stinking up those bathrooms and ruining our moods. However, a probable solution to this problem may include just holding it in until you get home.

Happy April Fool’s, you fool!


The Chant