Guide to being single on Valentine’s Day


Michelle Lin

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when your friends can spend Valentine’s Day with you? For all those single ladies and gents out there, you no longer need a date to enjoy your February 14th when you can spend it with your friends and family.

Michelle Lin, Reporter, Photographer

To all those single pringles out there, instead of waiting for someone to mingle with, make sure to show the world one can enjoy this Valentine’s Day without a significant other. Take these recommendations into account and spend your February 14th solo without missing out on any of the fun.

Netflix and chill alone: What could possibly make a better Valentine’s Day than catching up on TV shows? Feel free to grab a bowl of popcorn, a bag of chips, and a blanket to settle in for the most relaxing time of the year. Shows that one may enjoy on this particular day include romantic comedies and dramas. The more dramatic the show, the more relief one can gain about their own love life. The best part about watching a fun comedy on Netflix all by yourself means no need to share your food with anybody else—just you and your bowl.

Go shopping: Treat yourself and go on a shopping spree for the day. Take advantage of the sales and spend as much money one would spend for two people. After all, Valentine’s Day alone means less money spent on fancy dinners, expensive dresses, and boxes of chocolate—and more money towards the items an individual wants for themselves. No need for individuals to worry about spending that much money on a present they do not even know if their partner will like because instead, you could spend it on the presents you know you would love.

Throw a singles-only party: Tired of standing next to lovey-dovey make-out sessions or watching cheesy couples cuddling everywhere? Surround yourself in a relationship-free environment by hosting a party for all your single friends. The party could become an excuse to show how much one can enjoy Valentine’s Day by themselves to all the people who actually understand. After all, staying single means more freedom to do whatever you like at these parties.

Spend time with family: Valentine’s Day exists not only for boyfriends/girlfriends but also for your family who provides unconditional love year-round. During this Valentine’s Day, show your family how much you love and appreciate them by either going out to eat, watching movies, shopping, cooking, or even just sitting on the couch together. You do not need a partner to celebrate the day of love when your family waits for you at home hoping to spend more time with you.

With these options, you do not need to spend Valentine’s Day feeling lonely because you can spend it enjoying the time of your life alone, with friends, or with family. Make sure to take Justin Bieber’s advice this Thursday: “You should go and love yourself.”