Christmas Shopping Gone Digital


Michelle Lin

As the Christmas season quickly arrives, Christmas shoppers start making their last-minute runs to the stores. To avoid the nightmare of pushing through crowds and crowds of shoppers, gifters can now do all their shopping completely online. Websites such as GOAT (top left), Best Buy (top right), Overstock (bottom left), and Walmart (bottom right), will help complete that Christmas list the quickest and easiest way possible this holiday season.

Michelle Lin, Staff

‘Tis the season to begin Christmas shopping as the holiday crawls closer and closer. For a couple of individuals, they may enjoy running to Target and waiting in line to purchase their gifts, while for others, Christmas shopping in a crowded store can ruin their holiday spirit. What if one no longer needs to physically drive to the store just to fight for the item they want? What if everything one wants can be purchased online? This December, The Chant presents some of the best-recommended websites for those who would rather avoid any contact with other shoppers this year while Christmas shopping.


 Several people already enjoy purchasing items on Amazon before the holiday season even begins, but from now until December 23, all Amazon Prime members can receive one-day deliveries on any Prime items free of cost. Customers can also find thousands of deals on the website not available in retail stores, which steers more and more customers to purchase gifts on Amazon every year. 


 If you usually purchase all your Christmas gifts at Walmart due to their varieties of options to choose from, shoppers can now scavenge through Walmart’s online website to buy the same items and even more. Walmart usually allows free shipping for 35 dollars or more worth of purchases, which take about three to five business days; but for this holiday season, customers can find certain items that provide free two-day deliveries

Best Buy

 Best Buy offers the best place to online shop for electronic presents. Especially during the next few weeks the store will constantly be packed with customers all trying to complete their Christmas lists. It recommends buyers to visit their websites to find the products they wish to acquire for free next-day deliveries on thousands of qualifying items such as laptops, game councils, watches and more. The company plans to start its “12 Days of Deals,” on December 9, which means online shoppers can avoid the chaotic crowds at the stores when they want to purchase the products. 


As an e-commerce website, their customers usually go on their site to shop for personalized and handmade gifts that bigger corporations such as Amazon do not offer. Depending on the seller, generally allows either free shipping for 35 dollar purchases or no shipping fees at all. From customized jewelry to customized t-shirts, Etsy offers a variety of different choices for one to shop for this Christmas.


For all the footwear fanatics out there, GOAT’s website contains almost every single brand of shoes imagined. Companies and individuals will sell their shoes, either new or used, for a great price. This site contains all different kinds of shoes from Air Forces to Yeezys, all 100 percent guaranteed authentic. Most of the shoes found on GOAT most likely cannot even be found in stores so online shopping would remain the best option. Spend your money on items you cannot find in an ordinary store to make this year’s gift extra special. 


During this Christmas season, shop for your family on Overstock’s website. The company sells almost everything including furniture, supplies, apparel, jewelry and much more. This entire week, they grant free shipping for any product and up to 70 percent off on thousands of items and takes only one to two business days to arrive at your designated location.

With these websites, Christmas shopping this season will no longer become such a hassle anymore. Online shopping makes it much easier for shoppers to find exactly what they want without going through all the trouble of driving from one store to another. This season, spread the Christmas joy by giving these listed websites a try to find the best gifts for family and friends.