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For students who experienced problems with the advanced placement (AP) exams last year, Collegeboard’s decision to offer tests both online and in-person provides hope. “I took three AP tests last year and I enjoyed the less stressful environment and shorter test. However, I felt some people had an advantage based on their choice to cheat, and the shorter test did not allow for enough opportunity to express content mastery in the courses I took. I think tests being in person allows for equal opportunity for more students and makes a more standard testing experience,” Kennesaw Mountain Magnet junior Daniela Binns said.

Jenny Loveland, News Editor

Jenny Loveland is beginning her Junior year at North Cobb. Beyond writing, she hikes, plays the acoustic and bass guitar, and is constantly on the search for wildflowers to press and turn into stickers. This is her second year on the staff of The Chant, where she hopes to use her creativity and writing skills as the editor for both News and Photography.

Loveland also enjoys other hobbies, such as caring for her plants and pet snails and creating art, which can be found at @wrennyjen on Instagram. In the future, she plans to use skills gained from these hobbies in a career centered on biology or illustration.


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Literature teacher Lindsay Theaker remembers the craze leading up to New Year’s Eve in 1999, eventually culminating in a relatively peaceful new year that avoided major disaster and apocalypse. “I remember distinctly that my parents unplugged all the electronics in the house and they were super panicked about the date setting on the computer which only went to 1999, and they were super freaked out about what would happen at midnight. I remember thinking it felt silly, but we went along with it, and they were totally fine,” Theaker said.

Y2K and today

December 10, 2020
Although times and technology change, NC’s yearbook remains constant. Year after year, the yearbook staff compiles NC’s history into a neatly laid-out book, detailing the people and events that make the school. “I often tell my yearbook staff that they have the pulse of the school. This year, our pulse rate has slowed because there just isn’t as much going on. We knew going into this year that gathering content would be our biggest challenge if we continued to approach the yearbook in the same way that we always had, so we decided to shift our focus away from the school at large and focus more on the individual students who are still thriving in their own ways,” Yearbook Advisor Stacy Baldwin said.

Yearbook: 1999 and now

October 23, 2020


March 31, 2020
Magnet junior Malik Butler began pole vaulting last year, and continues to make progress in the sport this season, cultivating the combination of strength, coordination and speed required for pole vaulting. He hopes to vault over ten feet this season. “Always try something new like I did with pole vaulting and you never know, maybe you’ll have something new you love doing,” Butler said.

Vaulting into spring

January 26, 2020
Students spend the last days before finals studying for their upcoming tests. For those that struggled in their classes this semester, finals provide a final opportunity to boost their grade, so they hope to perform well. Failing or not, each student, remains anxious for finals to pass so they can enjoy the holiday break.

Finals approaching

December 18, 2019
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