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Jenny Loveland, Copy Editor

Senior Jenny Loveland enjoys collecting vinyls, going on road trips, and looking for cool bugs on hikes. She also does the vocals and guitar for a local garage band, kennesaw, that she formed with her close newspaper associate and bassist, Dominik Perez.

This will be Loveland’s third and final year on the Chant’s staff, where she will be serving as copy and photos editor. Loveland looks forward to the increased responsibilities of her positions and plans to take advantage of her last year in her favorite class. After graduation, she plans to fulfill her seven-year-old-self’s dreams and learn everything there is to know about bugs by studying entomology at the University of Georgia in Athens.

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Seniors across the nation become young adults one by one throughout their final year of high school. Our culture leads us to look forward to this transition from childhood to adulthood, but this point in life feels surprisingly awkward and anxiety-inducing. Editors from The Chant discuss their experiences so far with this important stage in life and go over the various trials they have experienced and look forward to.

18: now what?

May 12, 2022
The process of finding a therapist can seem daunting, but remains worth the effort required. In this podcast, three high school students discuss their experiences and thoughts around this topic.

Therapy and me

March 14, 2022
First appearing in South Africa, the Omicron strain of COVID-19 has caused pandemic restrictions to increase once again as the holiday season begins. Scientists continue to study the strain and its patterns as it spreads across the globe.

The Omicron strain

December 8, 2021
With each passing day, another NC student hears the exciting news: Coach Adam Cogbill’s muffin cart has returned to the halls and courtyard of NC. With the help of Coaches Jeffrey Bettis and Matther Tener, muffin distribution has resumed, with COVID-19 safety precautions still in place. Regaining popularity from before the pandemic, the muffins need no advertisement besides three simple words: “We have muffins,” Bettis said.

The Muffin Man returns

October 25, 2021
Literature teacher Lindsay Theaker remembers the craze leading up to New Year’s Eve in 1999, eventually culminating in a relatively peaceful new year that avoided major disaster and apocalypse. “I remember distinctly that my parents unplugged all the electronics in the house and they were super panicked about the date setting on the computer which only went to 1999, and they were super freaked out about what would happen at midnight. I remember thinking it felt silly, but we went along with it, and they were totally fine,” Theaker said.

Y2K and today

December 10, 2020
Although times and technology change, NC’s yearbook remains constant. Year after year, the yearbook staff compiles NC’s history into a neatly laid-out book, detailing the people and events that make the school. “I often tell my yearbook staff that they have the pulse of the school. This year, our pulse rate has slowed because there just isn’t as much going on. We knew going into this year that gathering content would be our biggest challenge if we continued to approach the yearbook in the same way that we always had, so we decided to shift our focus away from the school at large and focus more on the individual students who are still thriving in their own ways,” Yearbook Advisor Stacy Baldwin said.

Yearbook: 1999 and now

October 23, 2020
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Jenny Loveland