Underground and underrated: Small artists worth checking out


Jenny Loveland

Streaming services like Spotify make listening to music and finding new songs more accessible, allowing people to make a hobby of the search. “I like [discovering new music], I’m always going to discover weekly [on Spotify] to find new artists or similar ones to the ones I already listen to,” junior Ellie Boyle said.

Jenny Loveland, News Editor

With the advent of  the internet and streaming services such as Spotify, listening to music has become easier than ever. However, with the sheer volume of songs readily available, smaller artists can easily become lost among the masses. With that in mind, The Chant recommends three small artists with under one hundred thousands monthly listeners on Spotify.

Vision Video

Vision Video, a goth pop band based out of Athens, Georgia, released their first full length album on April 16, 2021. Led by military veteran, Dusty Gannon, the band explores themes of trauma and death in their music often with a romantic twist typical of the gothic genre. The local band takes inspiration from goth staples like The Cure and punk titans like The Clash to create a foreboding yet enticing atmosphere within their music. 

Their debut album, Inked in Red, became a fan favorite shortly following its release. Songs such as the titular “Inked in Red” and “Comfort in the Grave” brandish haunting tones reminiscent of long abandoned factories but find themselves backed up by catchy bass lines that make it near impossible to not dance along to. 

“I love Vision Video. I discovered them a good while ago and was so excited to find such a great local goth rock band. The members are so cool and talented and their music is amazing,” Magnet junior Amelia Orr said.

Vision Video has quickly made themselves a staple of the modern Goth scene, and any fan of the genre would do a disservice to themselves to not check the band out.

Foxes in Fiction

Going by the name Foxes in Fiction, New York resident Warren Hildebrand creates atmospheric bedroom pop soundscapes. In Hildebrand’s music, listeners can enjoy  heavily processed guitar tones mimicking synthesizers, airy vocals, and warm ambient noises. Especially in his older works, Hildebrand’s music does not demand the listener’s complete attention, but provides a dreamy background.

Hildebrand also created and runs Orchid Tapes, a small record label that has produced music with artists like Alex G, Soccer Mommy, and Emily Yacina. Hildebrand experiences synesthesia, a neurological condition where pathways in the brain cross, causing overlapping senses. In Hildebrand’s case, music and colors overlap, a connection that influences the way he creates music. Songs such as “Ontario Gothic,” “Altars,” and “Antibody” showcase his unique style.

Divino Niño

With their debut album, Columbian American band Divino Niño recently broke onto the modern psychedelia scene, making Spotify’s playlist documenting the genre. With strong roots in both LatinX, indie, and the retro psychedelic revival, the group creates catchy dream pop filled with layers of sparkling instrumentation and relaxed vocals. Their debut album, Foam, offers a cohesive soundtrack with songs that evoke a cool summer’s day. Stand-out songs from the album include “Cosmic Flower”, “Quiero”, and “Coca Cola”.

“Divino Niño is a great band. Their sound is undeniably psychedelic but they manage to make themselves sound completely unique in a genre that’s been popular since the 60’s. I’d recommend them to any fan of psychedelic music, but especially fans of Crumb,” Brantley County junior Dominik Perez said.

These three bands all share one thing: their small fan bases. Despite the talent of these artists, they go largely unrecognized. Their hard work remains undeniable, however. This, combined with the distinct sounds and creativity each band features in its music makes them worth a listen.