Riverdale Season 2 blossoms its way into the hearts of fans


Madeline Powers

Riverdale, the TV series based off of Archie comics, opens its second season with a frontal dive into the drama. Relationships develop, blossoming and magnifying into a whole new twist of events as they recover from the abrupt ending of last season. “I was completely shook by the episode, but scared to find out who dies next,” sophomore Kamayah Richardson said.

Madeline Powers, Reporter, Photographer

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Back with a bang, Riverdale’s precious star boy, Archie Andrews (played by K.J. Apa), suffers a tremendous tragedy with his father on the brink of death and the traumatizing effect of the shooting at Pop’s Diner. The characters deal with their feelings surrounding Fred’s shooting, including Fred himself, dreaming of Archie’s future life and the events he would miss. Archie’s emotions spiral out of control, chipping away at his polite and well-meaning manner. This emotional play on his character showcases just how well actor K.J. Apa engulfs himself into the character of Archie.

As fans watch the aftermath of Season One’s cliffhanger, we see relationships develop and theories unravel. The newly formed couple, Veronica (played by Camlia Mendes) and Archie, dives head first into their relationship with a steamy shower scene in grievance for Fred Andrews, which left the audience wondering the relevance of the scene at all.

“(The shower scene) came out of nowhere and it was wild,” sophomore Haley Kish said.

Cheryl indulges into her new relationship with her mother on a frontal and dominate accord, speaking a bone-chilling monologue in the hospital. Actress Madelaine Petsch plays a hidden, devious vixen, a change to her previous role of the town’s sweetheart.  

“Cheryl’s character had an interesting twist. I like that she can be both charming, innocent, and also convoluted,” sophomore Jayden Stabler said.

Jughead Jones finds a new ally within the Serpents, a widely known and highly dangerous gang in Riverdale. With his dad in jail and his living situation complicating his life, the Serpents offer Jughead stability and someone to call family. Jughead’s girlfriend Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) recognizes this and worries for his safety when Jughead accepted the Serpent jacket, even beginning to ride his father’s motorcycle. Cole Sprouse plays the innocent do-gooder on the path to drudgery.

This season also brings to light to Archie’s summer fling with former teacher Ms. Grundy, whose past may make its way into the season, leaving a reckoning behind. The opinions of fans, cheering at her sudden death, show what kind of character people know her as.

“She is irrelevant, she needed to be killed,” sophomore Kameron Wingard said.

Murdered and strangled, after a music lesson with her new high school fling, Grundy leads the show into a completely different plot than what fans expected to see during the first episode.

“I’m so happy that Ms. Grundy died, but I’m upset that the killer is going after everyone that Archie loves,” Kish said.

This season will continue Archie’s character development and show us a whole new side to the people of Riverdale. Cheryll continuing  on a path of destruction. Archie fearing everyone and trusting no one. Jughead following his father’s lead into the Serpents. Betty taking on a defining leap to gain anything she seeks. Veronica becoming a daughter again. People will die and everything will unfold. There is only question to ask in this spiral of events: Who dies next?