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Madeline Powers

Madeline Powers

Madeline “Maddie” Powers continues her career in Journalism as a senior at North Cobb, having published almost 50 pieces . She moves up this year, acting as one of our copy editors at The Chant. She is excited to take on this new challenge and edit more than her heart’s desire. 

She is truly one from the 70s, embracing the tye dye and jamming out to all and only the top hits from that era including “Friend of the Devil,” “Deal,” and “New Speedway Boogie,” by The Grateful Dead, not to mention her weird fascination with sunflowers, especially in a large field. She and her family all belong in that era, going to music festivals for weekends in their camper, and enjoying life in general as peaceful and light as it can be. Her happy attitude and constant smile bring positivity and sunshine everywhere she goes. 

When she thinks of what she wants to do with her life, her 70’s like tendencies stop, she wants to save lives and to change the world of medicine as much as she can so that more children and people in general can lead a long and healthy life. Her creative tendencies and strong innovation speak wonders for what she will be able to accomplish now and in the future. 

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 The light guides those who believe to a newly assembled vision of religion. The sun shines through the cross, a symbol to Christian followers, and highlights the path one must take to reach that light.  Religion gives someone a new set of morals that he latches onto, something that changes their way of living. “I believed in Him, yes, but I didn’t change one thing about my life to prove that. I wasn’t following Him, I was a fan of Him,” World Race traveler and NC alumni Sam Barnhart said.

 The power of faith

December 6, 2019
As the season begins, academically and socially, NC grows excited for the new school year and the plans in store for 2019-2020. SPEAR will impact the everyday schedules of all students in a— hopefully— effective way.

Will SPEAR hit the mark?

September 6, 2019
Yesterday, students went to the parking lot after classes were over, ready to leave a hard days work, and saw a sea of pink. Pink parking tickets were scattered on cars all over the parking lot to those that did not obtain a new parking pass for the spring semester.

The Sea of Pink

January 9, 2019
Rags to riches final

[PHOTO] Meme Day

September 30, 2018
As the semester comes to a close, the End of Course exam season awakens the students of NC. The first day of the exams swiftly comes to a close as pressure falls off of the many students as they finish their exams, though most do not look at the EOCs as a big deal. “(The EOCs are) not a big deal really, I’m just chilling,” sophomore Tali Porter said.

NC sees the start of EOCs

November 29, 2017
Bye-bye, Bubonic

Bye-bye, Bubonic

November 28, 2017
Letterman jackets, an iconic symbol for high school athletes, previously ruled schools all over the world. Nowadays, that might not be the case. Jacket fittings and sales took place in the main cafeteria today. The table features designs of all colors, yet they have not made any sales. “I like them (letterman jackets), but I feel like they aren’t as cool as they once were,” NC sophomore Isaac Stobo said.

The fall of an icon

September 18, 2017
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Madeline Powers