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Jayden Stabler

Jayden Stabler

Jayden Stabler is a senior in the Magnet program. She joined newspaper because in her sophomore year "Mrs. Theaker noticed that I wrote in my bio for an AP English Language project that I might want to be a journalist someday, and I didn't know there was a class. I love to write and read.”

Stabler loves reading blogs and noticing the differences in people's writing, and she can spot an excellent description or a powerful moment in writing. "I want to achieve that," Stabler said.

Her bubbly attitude and loud personality contribute to her love of all things pertaining to communication. Stabler enjoys talking and social activities. She takes pleasure in leading group activities and spending time with lots of people. 

Stabler loves traveling and anything "wanderlust." This summer she is going to Greece and South Korea.

"Travel is a family thing. My dad thinks travel is a necessity for life," Stabler said.

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A cracker dipped in homemade, delicious chicken salad. This snack not only satisfies cravings for a small savory meal but fills one up for long periods of time. Small, healthy snacks aid those who struggle with balancing eating habits and heavy workloads.

5 easy, healthy snacks

October 9, 2019
As the season begins, academically and socially, NC grows excited for the new school year and the plans in store for 2019-2020. SPEAR will impact the everyday schedules of all students in a— hopefully— effective way.

Will SPEAR hit the mark?

September 6, 2019
Reminiscent of the previously implemented “Warrior Wednesdays”, SPEAR more successfully benefits students and teachers with its improved organization and setup. 
“Warrior Wednesday, as it was originally conceived, was more about enrichment and the idea that kids could choose what class they went to. If they needed help in a certain class they were basically required to go get help from that particular class. The hard part was it was really difficult to systematically keep track of who was going where and what they were doing. It was a loose or very chaotic situation at times from a school supervision standpoint,” Magnet Coordinator James Auld said.


August 21, 2019
Yesterday, students went to the parking lot after classes were over, ready to leave a hard days work, and saw a sea of pink. Pink parking tickets were scattered on cars all over the parking lot to those that did not obtain a new parking pass for the spring semester.

The Sea of Pink

January 9, 2019
Self-perception exists as an important factor in self-love, and an abundant amount of people create mental misconceptions of their appearance. “When you draw realistically, you are forced to draw exactly what you see, so with self portraits, your self-perception is irrelevant. It is a helpful activity for those who have misconceptions or exaggerated perceptions about their face or body,” junior Isabella Markham said. Markham holds a realistic drawing she made of herself over one half of her face to demonstrate the realism.

Self love vs. egoism

December 19, 2018
Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches

September 30, 2018
Runners of all ages ran through the finish line on the track, greeted by cheering from spectators and supporters. Sponsors like Nothing Bundt Cakes provided goodies to refresh and re-energize exhausted participants.

Warrior Way 5K 2018

September 19, 2018
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Jayden Stabler