5 easy, healthy snacks


Jayden Stabler

A cracker dipped in homemade, delicious chicken salad. This snack not only satisfies cravings for a small savory meal but fills one up for long periods of time. Small, healthy snacks aid those who struggle with balancing eating habits and heavy workloads.

Jayden Stabler, Editor-in-Chief

Staying on top of one’s eating habits, especially during a busy school year, proves difficult to a great many students. Fitting in meals throughout the school day and around work or extracurriculars requires planning. Personally, I struggle to remember to eat two meals a day. However, snacks exist as the perfect solution to easily slip nutrition and nourishment into one’s daily life. 


Olives with hummus, cucumber with hummus, pita chips with hummus: the possibilities are endless. You can put hummus on toast, crackers, and sandwiches. Several different types of hummus exist, with different mouth-watering flavors and toppings mixed in. One particularly popular hummus, Sabra’s Roasted Pine Nut Hummus, uses parsley, paprika, and other spices to enhance the flavor, as well as mixing in pine nuts and bits of red bell peppers.

Chicken Salad

Simple to make and delicious to consume, one can easily prepare chicken salad in bulk to keep throughout the week. Follow these instructions for a delicious treat: buy a rotisserie chicken to pull apart and mix the shredded chicken with broth, mayonnaise, minced sweet onion and salt and pepper. My favorite way to eat this snack (with RITZ Crackers) utilizes the salad as a sort of dip, which encapsulates one of its various uses; one can also spread it on an edible surface of their choice, like bread, or mix it with tasty additions like vegetables, noodles, or rice. 


Usually purchased frozen, this snack takes under ten minutes to prepare and only requires a microwave. Edamame typically comes encased in a soft, inedible shell which one must remove before ingesting. I enjoy edamame plain, with a dash of salt. These yummy vegetable-type soybeans nourish the body with high protein and vitamins and minerals. 


This snack, although the most simple, offers a diverse, filling experience. One can top bagels with jam, peanut butter, cream cheese, avocado, and more. Peanut butter on top can provide protein, while an avocado spread can provide healthy fats. Cream cheese and jam, while also nutritious, satisfy the taste buds with creamy and sweet flavors. This snack can incorporate other snacks too, like the before mentioned chicken salad. Of course, bagels contain similarities to their popular alternatives—toast and English muffins—which can also satisfy cravings for a nutritional snack. 

Baked Cauliflower

Although this snack takes a bit more time, the mouthwatering end result makes it well worth it. One must only cut up a head of cauliflower, mix it in olive oil and add salt and pepper along with any other seasoning to taste. Adding breadcrumbs, shredded parmesan or both can incorporate a tasty texture to the snack. One can eat this snack hot or cold, as it remains enjoyable at any temperature and at any time of day.

Snacks can act as a lifesaver for students who find themselves too swamped to fit in full meals throughout the day. One’s brain needs nutrients to grow and process information properly. These healthy snacks will aid throughout the school and workday by helping students effectively learn and function by staying focused and energized.