Palmer Middle School 8th graders visit NC


Jayden Staber

Sophomore Gabby Gilchrist tours Palmer students around The Freshman Academy. Students show engagement and interest and ask questions about their future school’s environment. “The kids were super fun to tour around the school,” Gilchrist said.

Jayden Stabler, Reporter

Student Connect, a NC club that focuses on involving younger students with extracurricular activities and creating bonds with each other, hosted a tour of NC for eighth graders at Palmer Middle School to advise them what they should expect from high school on Wednesday, February 7.

“I am very proud of my team and I know Ms. Perlin [adviser for Student Connect] is too. They all remained extremely involved with both the kids and the visiting teachers and answered every question presented to the best of their abilities. The kids seemed to enjoy being out of school but also getting to see their future home for the next phase of their life,” Magnet junior and Student Connect president Andrew Riner said.

Between 15 and 30 groups of Palmer homerooms met the Student Connect members, who acted as guides, in the Freshmen Cafeteria. Student Connect embodies a branch of Tribal Connections (TC), led by Andrew Riner and advised by counselor Michelle Perlin. Each member of Student Connect is assigned a freshman homeroom and works with students during advisement every Wednesday morning.

The meeting in the cafeteria began with the cheerleaders welcoming the 8th graders, followed by a NJROTC performance. Student Connect members answered any questions Palmer students and teachers posed pre-tour and shortly after, the tour began.

“We met in the Freshman Cafeteria and for each group of students, we’d have the teacher [of the class] and that class come with us, it was one class assigned to one or two Student Connect guides,” sophomore and Student Connect member Priscilla Petersen said.

The students toured the entire school excluding the upstairs of the Deal Building and the 600 hall. Students asked more questions throughout the tour and tour guides answered to the best of their abilities.

The tour ended where it started; in the Freshman Academy. Students and teachers asked any final questions before the Student Connect guides escorted them back to their buses.

“This is my 4th time giving tours involving Palmer students and I would have to say this time was probably the easiest. I love the faculty of Palmer because I went there. My team was very interactive with the kids, we didn’t lose anyone, I would have to say it was fun and I’m glad I got to work with them,” Riner said.