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Turner Markwalter

Turner Markwalter, Reporter

In a school as large as North Cobb High School there are many different types of students to come across. The type of student varies from magnet student to athlete to honors and AP students, etc. Turner Parks Markwalter is a combination of the few. He is a smart, funny, outgoing, and motivated seventeen year old magnet student. He was born on December 25, 1999. He has been in magnet since freshman year and played baseball his sophomore year, eventually losing interest his sophomore year.

Markwalter gained an interest in audio video technology, specifically directing, filming, or being in front of the camera his sophomore year and is president of the broadcast news production area of SkillsUSA at our school. Not only is producing videos a school curricular for him but it is also something he enjoys to do in his free time.

Markwalter enjoys sports a lot and is a fan of the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, and Georgia Tech.  Turner is an Atlanta based sports fan because he was born in Carrollton, Georgia.

Markwalter decided that Georgia is the state that he wants to go to college in. The top three schools that he wants to apply to are University of Georgia, Georgia State, and Georgia College and State, planning to major in journalism. He joined newspaper/journalism because he wanted to be prepared to study journalism in college and enjoyed Mrs. Theaker as a teacher, person, and writer in general. In journalism class, Markwalter wants to write about sports, and indulge himself into a multitude of different pieces.

When he is not filming videos, acting in videos, or doing schoolwork he likes to hang out with friends and play basketball.

Three of Turner’s closest friends are Emmett Schindler, Grant Mark, and Josh Dawson. If he had to choose a food to eat when hanging out with friends he would choose to eat his favorite food, sushi. His favorite music genre is R&B and his favorite music artist is Chance the Rapper. Turner’s biggest pet peeve is when people drive slow.

Filming, journalism, sports, music, food, and etc. are all part of Turner’s life but family is also important to him. He is a brother to eight other siblings. In his household he lives with his mom, Amy, his step dad, Jason, his brothers Hutton and Garrison, and his half sister Presley. In his house there are also two dogs and one cat, Jingles, Grace, and Taco Besides hanging out with friends and doing things he likes while balancing school in between everything else, Turner has one major goal in his life. He hopes and wishes to become a sports journalist and he will achieve that goal by becoming a part of the Chant and sticking with SkillsUSA.

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Turner Markwalter