Jordan Ross speaks out: An activist within NC


Jordan Ross represents a new wave of powerful women exploring the world. In her original instagram post, Ross posted a blank image with two words on it: “Dear girls.” These words provided an emotional foreground for her followers.

Madeline Powers, Archivist

With a powerful mind and a heart of gold, junior Jordan Ross explores political relations within her community and throughout the country by relating her personal beliefs of how the world should change. The political scene opened up to Ross during the 2016 election when she realized how politics affect people of all ages. She thrives on promoting voter registration, encouraging her followers to participate in marches, and sharing her opinions on the world’s problems. Her classmates’ opinions on certain issues without accurate background information or motivation fuels Ross’ desire for this change.

“I’ll admit, I am not informed enough on the issues she discusses, but reading her posts puts her opinion into easy, comprehensible words for anyone to read and understand. She gets her message out in the exact way she means to say it, allowing people to read over it and agree or disagree without the pressure of response,” junior Cassidy Mason said.

In her most recent political diversion, Ross defended Dr. Christine Blasey Ford—the women who made an accusation against then-nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh describing her case of sexual assault from high school. On September 28, Ross released a message to girls on her Instagram page that captivated many of her followers. She spoke of Ford’s case in an intelligent and informative way while using statistics to showcase the problems with sexual assault cases.


I saw several posts that were attacking her [Dr. Blasey Ford] as a person, calling her a liar, calling her an attention seeker, and that made me upset because this is not a political debate—this is women coming forward that need and deserve the attention,” Ross said.

Ross mostly fights for equality and gun violence in her political posts, relating her personal life to these issues with a direct and keen point of view. The Parkland Shooting affected Ross greatly because she knew people involved and recognized how they tried to change their community.

“I have friends who knew victims in the Parkland Shooting, and I saw how they have just gone through a situation that no one has really been into before. They have been making changes locally, and out of that situation, only a couple kids got the spotlight. Just seeing how they dealt with that tragedy and how they are going to move forward really inspired me,” Ross said.

Ross does not like to classify herself into a specific party because she does not believe in picking a leader based on party, but rather what they could do for the country. A leader may represent a certain party that someone does not agree with, but that person may vote for the disagreeing party because they speak of better goals and intentions than the party one does agree with.

“I wish we would judge our leaders based on what they want to do, and not whether they are red or blue,” Ross said.

A future advocate and current affiliate of multiple heart wrenching issues, Ross wants to change the world with her constant opinions that inspire others on Instagram and her motivation to end gun violence and push for equality.

“Jordan’s motivations are pure in a way that she tries to make the world a better place and wants to start a fight for minority’s rights and bring light to injustices,” Mason said.