Lavender release grows fan base for local band, Jade’s Reign


Tara Anastasoff

Jade’s Reign, a new and upcoming rock band in the Kennesaw-Marietta area, performed at Madlife Studios in downtown Woodstock for Battle of the Bands. They will play another competition at the venue later this year, where they placed second and qualified for finals, showing their progress as a musical group. “We want to bring back rock and roll that this generation has lost,” Judson Gann said.

Madeline Powers, Archivisit

New and upcoming local band Jade’s Reign just released their first EP, Lavender, on March 18, and it shines a light on something this generation lost: rock and roll with a hint of a psychedelic sound. With inspirations like Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Jack White, and the Black Keys, they offer an almost new sound, bringing these artists together in their music.

The band formed in November 2017 from a random interaction between Olivia Towe, the bassist, and Alex Ducros, former guitarist, where Towe bluntly asked if he wanted to start a band with her. The two then met Judson Gann, the current guitarist of Jade’s Reign, and went through multiple drummers and singers before they found Josh Newton, the prodigy drummer, and Saoirse Russell, the talented singer.

“We are Jade’s Reign, defining ourselves as rock and roll with a little bit of psychedelic influences and classic rock influences,” Towe said.

Overall, the band shows great promise and gets better with every song they write, sing, and perform, growing their fanbase one-by-one.

Their new EP gives exactly what they said it would give: a psychedelic rock and roll vibe with killer riffs. A long way from the metal they started with, one could say they found their sound. The EP as a whole encompasses an abundance of amazingly long notes held by Russell, offering a hint of Queen, a hidden inspiration in the lyrics. The band also uses highs, lows, and dramatic silence, elevating the effects of the chorus and the most powerful events of the songs in a way that makes the listener want to dance or bob their head harder (caution: whiplash may occur).

“[‘Refuter’] is a song about a dystopian war, but it is really about the war in your mind,” Russell said.

Jade’s Reign just posted their first music video for “Refeuter” on YouTube, directed and edited by friends in the Sprayberry film team. “In The Dark” gives a unique and slow intro with a guitar solo, gradually adding different aspects of the musical experience, building up to the vocal highs in the song. “Town of 87’” (a personal favorite) gives a story-like presence containing a rising action, a climax, and a resolution in the music itself, coupling a tone of mystery and a plot.

“Town of 87’ we wrote ‘cause we were messing around with a couple singing bowls, and they were like ‘Hey, let’s write a song with the singing bowl,’” Towe said.

When creating the songs on this EP, the band describes the process as a standstill followed by an almost immediate fluctuation of songs, the production of material becoming more rapid than they originally thought.

“Usually, [Gann] will come up with a riff, then Saoirse will write lyrics for it, then we will just kinda put it together, it is a lot of canoodling around until it sounds good,” all of the members of Jade’s Reign said.

The band shows great promise in the upcoming future, planning to release a couple more singles before the summer begins and possibly hosting a festival in the Marietta area. Their goals include playing at their favorite venues, like the Masquerade and the Tabernacle. Their fan base rapidly grows from every show they play, each of the members feeling a hint of fame as they start to obtain recognition at their hangout spot, Sweet Hut, and other random places within the area.