The captivating video of NC football’s past 


Peyton Stack

Any student, player, or community member in attendance of an NC Warrior football game, will now experience the nostalgic 61-year history of the NC Warrior football team thanks to a video made by Dallas White. Displayed on the newly funded jumbotron, chilling narration mixed with spectacular plays by Warrior football greats highlight and set the tone for each home game. Followed by the traditional banner run, fans rise from their seats, waiting for the Warriors to strike again. “I hope it helps the student body appreciate the history and tradition of our program. We have an incredible band, student section, and cheerleaders, but I’d love to see more students showing up on Friday nights,” White said.

Madeline Powers, Copy Editor

40, 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN, TOUCHDOWN! 

The screaming of the announcer resounds in the Emory Sewell Stadium as the video of Warriors scoring a touchdown in a previous year plays on the new jumbotron, which highlights all of the Warrior’s accomplishments throughout the last 61 years. This video brings a light to NC, showcasing and encouraging a school spirit that continues to soar with the cheers of the student section, as baby powder launches into the air.

“[I] made the video in the hopes that we could highlight the history and tradition of NC. There’s a really rich football history here and in a day and age when a lot of kids are transferring to whatever school seems to be the latest and greatest, I wanted to be able to show that there was something special about being a part of the program,” Team Chaplain and video creator Dallas White said. 

White gave the gory details associated with creating this chilling masterpiece, exclaiming the grueling searches and long hours it took. 

“I searched various video sites and clicked through various links until I found things that fit. I would’ve loved to have found much older footage. We go back to the late ’80s, but there were some great teams here long before then and I would have liked to have been able to feature them,” White said.

The video gives students a new perspective into the rich 61-year history that NC holds to a great pedestal. It brings comfort and pride within the student body to see this history played out before every game.

“The new video on the jumbotron really shows the character NC has. It’s motivating and a good piece to open a game with spirit,” senior Priscilla Peterson said.