Pick up, plant, replant


Madeline Powers

The Earth. A place in which people destroy, deforest, and pollute, now reaches its limits. Tali Porter and Isabella Markham hope to change this as they start a new organization Pick-up, Plant, Replant. “[We plan to] have all the group members meet up at the location, and I’ll bring supplies and we’ll get to [saving the earth],” said Porter.

Madeline Powers, Archivist

Combatting two local problems, the new Pick-up, Plant, Replant organization plans to pick up trash in local areas then plant trees where an abundance of trash currently resides. The idea sparked from a simple Instagram picture that the founder, Magnet junior Tali Porter, saw and thought about greatly. She saw that she could do something other than ‘not using plastic straws.’

“I saw a picture on Instagram of this before and after challenge, this man made where he posted a pic of a polluted area beforehand and then posted a picture after he had cleaned it all up,” Porter said.

They will pick a location and all meet once a month to essentially pick-up trash and plant or replant trees in the area they pick-up.

“Overall we’re gonna meet once a month to pick up a heavily littered area and plant some trees in its place. I just want to make people more aware of how we treat the planet and get more involved in helping it get better,” Porter said.

With the rising environmental problems and the social media spree, Porter and junior Isabella Markham decided to take action and initiative to try and save the planet one city at a time. They hope to expand greatly throughout the Cobb County district and further if they can.

They did a multitude of research to pick and solve problems within their reach, including the need to obtain consent from property owners to plant trees, and the pure observation of landfill-like areas. The combination, although not directly involved with one another, will help our Kennesaw area become cleaner and more beautiful overall. This new organization remains open for all members of society, with the founders encouraging new members to come and help the community as much as they possibly can.

“Community service hours! And hopefully, it’ll get larger and we can do other projects dealing with things other than litter but we can’t do that without participants,”  Porter said.