Julyana Ayache

Close friends and family hosted a memorial in honor of junior Fatima Asad’s battle against cancer on Wednesday, August 22. Depicted in the picture, students light candles in Asad’s name to remember and set up for the memorial.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter/Photographer

NC junior Fatima Asad passed away in the early morning of Saturday, August 18. After Asad’s year long battle with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, Asad lost her fight despite her courage and strength. To honor her battle, her close friends and family hosted a memorial at the North Star Church parking lot on the evening of Wednesday, August 23.

“This helped me a lot just because it shined a light on the dark I was feeling. You start to see how many people get to talk about Fatima, and felt the same thing I felt about Fatima. It’s a big burden that’s released,” family friend Adam Khalef said.

Coordinated by close friends and juniors Marwa Abusaid and Amr Alissa, the memorial brought members of the community together, and requested for people to bring pink balloons for a releasing ceremony, symbolizing Asad’s loving spirit and her departure. At this memorial, close friends and family each took turns speaking about their feelings towards Asad’s loss and her impact on their lives.

Julyana Ayache
Members of the community gathered in the Northstar Church parking lot to commemorate Asad and her impact. People brought pink balloons to commemorate the occasion.

With tears shed and balloons released while saying, “We love you, Fatima,” Asad’s memory will continue to  live on through her friends and family and the support of the Warrior Nation.

“I’m happy that everyone came out to see Fatima and I know that Fatima’s in heaven smiling on all of us right now, looking over on all of us,” Alissa said.

Friends and family appreciated the community’s support as well as the sympathy displayed towards Asad throughout her honorable battle with cancer. The family expressed gratitude for the love and friendship everyone displayed during the memorial.

Julyana Ayache
Junior Marwa Abusaid began the ceremony, sharing a speech honoring Asad and the time the two friends spent together. Other family and friends passed around the microphone as they shared their memories and sympathy.

“We want to thank everyone for the love and support and for showing Fatima how the community comes together for her and that we all love her,” Abusaid said.

Asad’s family held a funeral and burial on the afternoon of her death, Saturday, August 18. Asad’s courageous fight will stay in NC’s heart, and Warriors inspired by her will always stand #FatimaStrong.

Julyana Ayache
To close off the event, the crowd of friends and family released pink balloons into the sky while saying “We love you, Fatima.” Various balloons wander off into the sky to memorialize her battle with cancer and her peace.