Fire Goodell: When good commissioners go bad, get out


Adam Kovel, Managing editor, Opinion editor

Everyone knows about Ray Rice’s domestic abuse scandal and suspension, but with recent release of new evidence regarding the accusation, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell deserves his own form of punishment.

Rice, seen dragging his unconscious then-fiancee Janay out of a casino elevator in February, received a paltry two game suspension from the NFL. Goodell deservedly received criticism regarding the suspension, as star wide receiver Josh Gordon currently serves a year-long punishment for repeating failing marijuana tests, a surely more tolerable act than domestic abuse.

Throughout the “investigation” in determining Rice’s punishment, Goodell wrongly interviewed Janay with Ray in the room next to her. Did he really believe that Janay would tell the truth confidently with her abuser practically pulling the strings? If Goodell believes that, the owners should impeach him because of incompetency.

Rice performed–yes, because it was an acting job– in a press conference admitting to beating his fiancee with Janay next to him. Rice’s speech could have been performed more convincingly from a freshman in an acting class, as he clearly showed no remorse. My advice for him stands to hire better PR representatives to help with his inevitable next accusation.

But fast forward to Monday, and a new video releases from TMZ from inside the elevator showing him actually throwing the punch. Janay pushed him and yelled until Rice struck her and she knocked down, hitting the railing and passing out.

Goodell and the rest of the NFL claimed that they could not procure the tape for their investigation. Really? TMZ can get their hands on this tape and leak it, but a billion-dollar organization cannot for their own legal investigation?

Once the video leaked, the Baltimore Ravens cut Rice from the team and the NFL ran behind and suspended him indefinitely to save their own image.

As one person on Twitter (@Guy_Endoor-Kaiser) accurately said , “Goodell suspending Ray Rice after the Ravens cut him is like whispering ‘yeah, you better run’ five minutes after someone leaves a fight.”

Domestic violence proves a troubling problem lately in the NFL, as Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and star Adrian Peterson all link to assault charges. However, since the first week of the season, McDonald remains the only player who has played. McDonald allegedly beat his pregnant girlfriend, something so disgustingly awful that deserves a ban double Rice’s.

With all these players’ arrests occurring, it seems that Goodell just attempting to cover his tracks. He starred in a press conference and discussed how each player must be trained in awareness against domestic abuse. In my mind, too little too late.

Also, the NFL quietly released a report about cognitive problems. The report stated “Former players between 50 and 59 years old develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at rates 14 to 23 times higher than the general population of the same age range, according to the documents. The rates for players between 60-64 are as much as 35 times the rate of the general population, the documents reported,” from  Goodell should feel responsible for his boys’ mental state both on and off the field.

Goodell’s tight grip on the NFL has loosened greatly with constant lies, deceit, and cover-ups. Earlier, I believed he should resign to save face. However, at this point he must be fired.