The comeback of Crocs


Julyana Ayache

Crocs come back, taking over the end of the 2018 year, flashing back to the 2000s. A simple and colorful selection to brighten up any shoe closet, and a quick slip-on for quick occasions. With a popular shoe, and its iconic style, Crocs stand with its comeback, and its long-lasting comfort.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter/Photograper

The iconic late 2000s trend and unforgettable design of foam shoe with holes makes its way back into the streets and on people’s feet. With the successful CROCtober, a month of appreciation for Crocs and Crocs sneaking back into style, Crocs made their mark in 2018 trends as a comfortable slip-on shoe celebrating convenience and quirkiness. People may hate or love them, but nobody can deny their return to the markets.

“Crocs are coming back and I’m not mad, they’re just so easy to wear everywhere, and you can never go wrong with a pair in your closet,” sophomore Adriana Irrizary said.

Crocs undeniably take the place as the coolest shoes to customize. Its selection of bright colors and various designs makes the brand and style never age. The thousands of Jibbetz bring out the wearer’s personal style. Jibbetz, pins placed into the holes of the Crocs provide personalization, so that the person’s shoes become an expression of their true selves.

“No Crocs, to me, are the same. All Crocs are individual, with all the Jibbetz and different colors. It’s fun and it’s cute,” junior Emma Collins said.

Though most people recognize Crocs as a summer shoe, its line of variation makes it possible for any time of year. Different styles exist, starting with the original clog, then continuing into sandals, flip-flops, boots, heels, sneakers, and flats—a shoe designed for every time of year. The fun doesn’t stop there; fur-lined Crocs bring out the winter spirit of the holiday season, making it a perfect Christmas gift.

“Crocs’ versatility makes up the best part of the shoe. They can be pool shoes or slides, and they’re so comfortable. I have yellow ones and I love them. They make it easy for a quick on-the-go move,” sophomore Rashida Jalloh said.

Despite Crocs’ simplicity, this shoe is far from low quality. Its firm material and easy-to-put-on shape make the shoe likeable and convenient for quick trips to the store, outside, or a friend’s house. Evidently, these shoes have made a comeback, and undoubtedly came out more fun than before.