Weird food combinations for your viewing displeasure


Jessica Joachim

Individuals carry a common affinity for infamous food combinations thanks to unusual ingredient arrangements students view as well-suited matches. Students indulge in these rather odd food combinations to satisfy their taste buds, and they share these food flavors and how these enhancements of the flavors to the original food.

Jessica Joachim, Photographer

Individuals each carry a specific food combination that they enjoy eating, but not all students find these combinations appealing. Foodies around NC shared their favorite weird food combinations.

Chick-fil-a biscuit and jelly:

This renown classic offers a twist between a sweet and savory meal. Individuals can smear jelly on the biscuit or choose to add it on the side. The grape and strawberry jelly packets bring a juicy spin to the chicken biscuit. While not rare, some students find this combination unnecessary to the already tender and juicy breakfast sandwich.

Salt and oranges or any fruit:

This snack proves as yet another sweet and savory combination. Enthusiasts typically enjoy salt on fruits as it enhances the flavor and sweetness of the food. The sweetness of the orange pairs well with the coarse texture of the salt.

Ketchup and rice:

This food combination features white rice with a tangy ketchup sauce. Mix the ketchup thoroughly throughout your rice for a sweet amalgamation. Cook a couple of sausages to add in another savory twist.

Fries and ice cream:

This reputable food combo provides another spin on the sweet and savory blend. Typically done with vanilla ice cream, students dip the warm, crispy potato fry into the frozen dessert for a burst of flavor. Visit a local restaurant or drive-thru to obtain this well-deserved treat.

Pineapples and pizza:

This controversial food debate leaves many individuals heated. Students favor this fruity pizza for the pleasurable bite of fruit and cheesy goodness. Although students remain skeptical of the position of pineapples on pizza, others find it necessary to the already-loved food. Restaurants and pizza places already feature this commonly found meal allowing customers to adapt to the changing food culture.    

“Pineapple pizza embraces the Hawaiian culture and adds a cool, soothing flavor to the pizza; I love trying new things and exploring new cultures, and pineapple pizza fits in both of those categories,” sophomore Eidan Iglecias said.

Jessica Joachim
Students appreciate the pizza and pineapple flavor combination for its’ ability to satisfy their sweet and salty flavor craving. Trying new foods similar to this pineapple and pizza combination allows individuals to explore a new world of opportunities.

Milk and orange juice:

Students around NC enjoy this drink combination because of its unique flavor. Add Carnation milk (also known as evaporated milk) to your orange juice to achieve this sweet and creamy flavored drink.

Strawberries and cheese:

This odd food combination originated from the infamous movie, Ratatouille. Lovers of this food combination enjoy eating the fruit with dairy cubes. An individual’s initial reaction to this snack would result in them passing up the opportunity to try something new.

“The combination of the creaminess of the cheese and the acidity and sweetness is very colorful in my mouth, and I really enjoy that. Honestly, I saw the rat on the movie Ratatouille. I combined them, and I decided to try it and fell in love with it. I just take a bite of the strawberry and a smaller bite of cheese and have them in the same bite,” sophomore Lillian Southall said.

Sometimes, a surprising food combination can result in an unexpected result. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.