From uninviting to inspiring: Easy college dorm decor


Tara Anastasoff

Decorating one’s dorm room can sometimes feel daunting, but with these decor ideas, it becomes easy to turn a dorm into a welcoming and pretty space.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor

In the confines of a dimly lit, strange smelling dorm of a college student, incoming freshmen may find it difficult to discover a way to liven up their home away from home. Different decorating routes exist, ranging from clean and simple to chic and extravagant. Creating an inspiring and enjoyable space can increase productivity, overall levels of happiness, and make the college experience more enjoyable than living in a room with fluorescent lighting and plain beige walls.

In any room, it remains important for the individual to express themselves. Incorporating different elements of design turns a room from drab and boring into a safe-haven after classes.

Collage wall or mood board

While dorm rooms have limited wall space, devoting a wall to a collection of art, photos, or inspiring quotes showcases personality and creativity. By having a visual representation of one’s goals and passions, waking up to a wall of memorable photos or quotes starts the day off right. Planning a day to create a mood board could also function as an activity to do with high school friends before leaving for college.

Patterned rugs

By including patterned rugs in a dorm room, the fabric adds color and texture to the otherwise dull space. Rugs also provide a comfortable surface for one’s tired feet to walk on after trekking your campus and socializing with friends.


Even though motivation and social life may experience death in college, including plants and fresh flowers in a dorm room brings life and greenery to the space. However, if a green thumb fails to come about, fake plastic plants offer a less-committed and still just as visually appealing alternative.

Tara Anastasoff
Retailers such as Target, World Market, and Walmart offer fake succulent plants at a reasonable cost. Small plants act as the perfect addition to empty space on shelves or one’s bedside table.

Colored lights

The fluorescent light of a dorm room can quickly make a space feel stuffy, uninspiring, and boring. By incorporating warm-toned lamps, colored light bulbs, and string lights, the dorm room becomes homey and inviting.

Blankets and bedding

Apart from the classroom and the library, most of one’s time spent in college will consist of sleeping and late-night cramming for tests. A nest of warm blankets and pillows create a cozy atmosphere for studying and hanging out with friends. Sometimes, roommates also communicate before college to purchase the same bedding or plan a color scheme for the dorm decor to follow.

Even though creating an inspiring and homey dorm remains important, the memories, knowledge, and experiences gained in college will always hold more value than the decorations.