NC, in style


Angela Canales

Juniors Trisha Nguyen and Baldwin Ndogo flaunt casual street-wear to NC, clearly updated on the the latest trends. Nguyen wears ripped boyfriend-style jeans with a simple, yet cute, long sleeve polo. Ndogo shows off a 90s-inspired fit with a vintage Ralph Lauren polo and a green-colored windbreaker.

Angela Canales, Reporter, Photographer

At NC, each student derives their sense of style from their own unique identities. From lectures to classwork, when in the classroom, most things remain uniform. Outfits become a classic opportunity for students to express themselves in any way that they please (within dress code, of course). Throughout the halls, we see different fashion styles that range from street-wear to elegant and classy from students of all grade levels.

NC students represent and embrace diversity even through their clothing choices. Despite the boundaries and limits that come with the school dress code, students manage to dress around these rules through creativity and individuality. When the time comes to leave the lazy-day hoodies and sweatpants behind, a variety of students manage to show out every day.