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Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor

Angela Canales is a senior in the magnet program. She developed a passion for writing by watching her grandfather’s journalistic adventures and endeavors while growing up. She plans to study marine biology in college, and eventually become a researcher at an accredited university or institution. She plans to continue writing in college and hopes to be part of the university’s (that she attends) newspaper staff.

As of now, Angela has focused on fulfilling her passion for journalism. She began writing for The Chant as a junior and has since been promoted to Entertainment Editor as a senior. She enjoys reading and writing articles that deal with fun topics, such as movie reviews and music reviews. She always loves helping others make the best out of their writing, without taking out their own unique style.

Music is the one thing that she could never function without. She enjoys singing and (occasionally) making TikToks. Going to concerts are her favorite thing to do, and believes that going to them always increases confidence and self-esteem. Her favorite concerts that she has been to include Harry Styles and The 1975.

She hopes that this year will be the one that counts out of her entire high school experience, and plans to enjoy her last year with the second family she has made at NC.

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[PHOTO] Jason Cobos

September 4, 2019
NC plans to commence construction this summer and finish before the 2019-2020 school year begins. With new hand sanitizer dispensers that will rid the buildings of large amounts of paper towel supply, the school will save thousands on water expenses and paper towel orders, leaving more money to fund other projects at NC, like football.

NC goes green…ish

April 1, 2019
Juniors Trisha Nguyen and Baldwin Ndogo flaunt casual street-wear to NC, clearly updated on the the latest trends. Nguyen wears ripped boyfriend-style jeans with a simple, yet cute, long sleeve polo. Ndogo shows off a 90s-inspired fit with a vintage Ralph Lauren polo and a green-colored windbreaker.

NC, in style

February 5, 2019
Ashu plans on demonstrating the potential of smaller characters and their abilities in his game pitches. Including Marvel characters such as the X-Men, Silver Surfer, and Wolverine in his pitches, Ebot-Tabi hopes to show Marvel story advisors that they can make these characters significant factors in their video games.

Super ideas for Marvel

January 24, 2019
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Angela Canales