Mr. Moody’s big break in K-Pop


Angela Canales

Mr. Moody shows off his new haircut inspired by the members of BTS. He recently announced his plans to become an official k-pop star, dedicating his time to practicing complex routines and even learning Korean. “Moody is definitely ready for this,” Coach Auld said.

Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor

NC’s principal Matthew Moody recently revealed a secret that would shock NC for years to come: he has started training to join the K-Pop scene in Atlanta. Moody also revealed that he plans to audition to become part of the popular boy band BTS, and will soon travel to South Korea and perform his iconic new dance moves in front of BTS members Jungkook and RM. 

“I became an ARMY when the song “Fake Love” came out. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with K-Pop. The choreography is so coordinated, it’s truly spectacular. Being a part-time principal, part-time K-Pop trainee has truly been a dream,” Moody said.

Principal Moody recently learned the choreography to BTS’ latest hit, “Black Swan”. He dances at home and even during his lunch hour in his office at school. According to several students, he apparently started practicing how to speak and write the Korean language. 

“I think he’s got what it takes to be the next big thing. He’s dedicated, he really is. I walk past his office all the time when I’m mentoring, and he’s always either learning a new dance or watching ‘Intro to the Korean language’ videos on YouTube. He even got a bowl cut,” K-Pop fan and NC student Natasya Hioe said. 

As Moody prepares for the big day of his audition, he tells The Chant that the support of the NC student body would surely help to get him the gig. He plans to announce all his plans and premiere his routine over Tomahawk Today. One source even says that magnet coordinator Coach Auld and AP Psychology teacher Coach Hargis will serve as his spontaneous backup dancers. 

April Fool’s, you fool!


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