Why Hot Cheetos are the best breakfast


Angela Canales

Flaming Hot Cheetos have become one of the most popular options out of vending machines everywhere at NC. They hold a large amount of nutritional value due to their pure organic ingredients. Made from potatoes and seasoned with chili peppers, Hot Cheetos have proven more health benefits than other breakfast options.

Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor

When a high school student rushes out of the house every morning to make it to school on time, they sometimes arrive with empty stomachs. Vending machines fill in the corners of the NC hallways, with plenty of ready-to-eat snacks like chips, candy and even offer drinks. 

When a student’s stomach keeps grumbling and begging for any tiny bit of food throughout the morning, it becomes hard to not make a trip to the vending machines. The most satisfying option for one’s stomach remains Flaming Hot Cheetos. Not only do hot Cheetos satisfy one’s hunger, but they also remain the most nutritional and fulfilling option for breakfast. They contain crunch, flavor and a kick of spice to start off the morning right. 

“Hot Cheetos actually contain a good amount of nutrients and are completely organic. The spicy seasoning comes from dried, crushed and ground chili peppers, and the actual chip is made from organic potatoes,” future nutritionist Juliana Charles said. 

A toasted Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s over Hot Cheetos? No thank you. Hot Cheetos do not contain artificial flavoring or coloring; eating them for breakfast remains just as healthy as eating a fruit salad or a greek yogurt parfait. Several studies have even found them to contain tiny doses of vitamins such as Vitamin B. 

“I eat Hot Cheetos for breakfast because not only are they super tasty first thing in the morning, but I also saw that they were pretty healthy contrary to popular opinion. A lot of people get shunned and made fun of for eating Hot Cheetos with a side of Brisk lemonade for breakfast. I think the negative connotation given to the snack is just unfair,” senior Charly Hill said. 

Hot Cheetos remain the most popular breakfast item at NC for several reasons. Besides their ease of access, they also remain the most cost-efficient, tasty and healthy breakfast item at school. Grab your bag before first period at the nearest vending machine for no more than one dollar.

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