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Flaming Hot Cheetos have become one of the most popular options out of vending machines everywhere at NC. They hold a large amount of nutritional value due to their pure organic ingredients. Made from potatoes and seasoned with chili peppers, Hot Cheetos have proven more health benefits than other breakfast options.

Why Hot Cheetos are the best breakfast

Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor
March 31, 2020
Coach Tener, located in Room 113, sells muffin flavors including blueberry, chocolate chip, and even double chocolate every morning before first period. Students can purchase the plastic-wrapped, mouth-watering muffins for $1.50 each, providing an emotionally and physically fulfilling breakfast.

Muffin madness

Jessica Joachim, Photographer
August 21, 2018
Chemistry teacher Jordan Tidrick serves out The Red Eyed Mule biscuits to her first period before their final test of the semester. “I’ve done this for a couple years now. I pick up my food anyway, so I might as well offer to pick up food for my students. They pay me in advance, and it usually brightens them up before a test.” Tidrick commented.

Pre-exam breakfast

December 17, 2014
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