K-Beauty products for skincare junkies


Angela Canales

Korean beauty products have dominated the skincare shelves everywhere in recent years. South Korea’s booming skincare market continues to grow as facemasks, serums and even snail slime face essence become increasingly desired items all over the world in order for those who want to achieve soft, healthy skin. Everywhere from Amazon to your local Ulta sells these products.

Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor

K-Beauty (Korean beauty) products have flooded the skincare market in recent years due to South Korea’s world-renowned devotion to clear, glowing skin. The five-step Korean Skincare routine became the beginning of the Western obsession with Korea’s secrets to finding which products work best for one’s skin type. From facemasks to serums, these products will revive and refresh your skin for the better.

Rice Water Cleansers

For centuries, several Asian cultures practiced the tradition of using rice water to thoroughly cleanse the face. It contains vitamins B, C, and E in addition to minerals meant to gently cleanse the skin and reduce dark skin pigmentation. The Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser by The Face Shop remains one of the most widely known and renowned Korean rice water cleansers. If one wants the benefits without purchasing, one can make rice water themselves and gently dab it on their skin with a cotton pad. 

Face Masks

The massive wave of the Korean face masks hitting store shelves everywhere looks far from ending. The most popular Korean face mask brands at the moment include Innisfree, TonyMoly’s “I’m Real” line, and Skinfood. These face masks range from green tea infused paper masks to peel-off masks with volcanic ash exfoliators and minerals. The benefits of these masks depend on its contents; for example, a rose face mask can reduce redness and swollen spots. Masks of all textures, infusers, and benefits have become available at local drugstores, retailers, beauty stores such as Ulta

Snail Slime Essence

It might sound gross at first, but snail slime actually provides several benefits to human skin, including hydration, age prevention and wrinkle and scar improvement. In South Korea, the increased production of snail slime skincare allows both Eastern and Western markets to easily purchase and receive all the benefits. One of the most popular Korean snail essence skincare sets became the TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Essence Set

Collagen Moisturizers

Collagen, an abundant protein in the body, contains two main benefits: it promotes skin elasticity and improves the body’s skin repair process. Collagen moisturizers can close off your skincare routine for the night, letting the skin absorb the benefits of the protein throughout one’s sleep. Popular collagen moisturizers include Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream and the Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream.

The Korean skincare market continues to present new ideas and remedies that uplift your skin in a variety of ways. The popularity in these items can derive from ancient remedies to keep the skin flourishing, and can also derive from advancements in technology that extract several benefits from natural sources. From face masks to snail slime, Korean beauty products can surely satisfy your skin’s needs.