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Jason Cobos

Jason Cobos is a junior and is excited to be a member of the newspaper, he first developed his love for writing early on in life stating that he remembers writing essays in class and getting carried away and just loving being able to write about different things and talk about different fictional characters and stories and having everything be written in the way he wanted. He uses writing as a helpful and relaxing way to express himself in a way that he enjoys and loves.

He decided to take a leap and join newspaper gaining inspiration from his grandfather who was a popular journalist and his cousin Angela Canales who is also currently a member of The Chant; but apart from writing, Jason enjoys discovering new things and going around the world and traveling, spending time with his family and friends. He also loves playing soccer and he currently plays for Southern Soccer Academy; he started playing around the age of five and gained his love for the sport from his family who have surrounded him with it from a young age. He hopes to make the varsity team for North Cobb before senior year.

Music is also a big part of Jason’s life, he loves listening to all sorts of music and genres. He has never been to a concert yet but hopes to attend one this year so that he can cross it off of his bucket list. He enjoys listening to music on a daily basis and learned how to play his first musical instrument in 6th grade: the trumpet. He hasn’t played since 8th grade, but he hopes to learn how to play the piano since it’s always been one of his favorite instruments.

He hopes for this year to be memorable and productive, and he wants to meet new people and spread nothing but positivity. He hopes to find success from now until the end of his high school experience with his new journey at The Chant.

Jason Cobos, Reporter

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Jason Cobos