A bittersweet closure to NC boys’ soccer season


Angela Canales

The NC team struggles to keep up with the strong line of defense on the Hornets’ team but gives it all they can for playoffs and for the sake of elongating the spring season. “I definitely think we’ll keep on progressing and do better for next year’s season,” varsity player Blake Dosdos said.

Angela Canales, Reporter, Photographer

The Warrior boys varsity soccer team went head to head with Roswell High School’s Hornets on Thursday, May 2. The team succeeded in making it to the second round of playoffs for the spring season through improved tactics and skills but failed once again to make it past that point, suffering a loss at the hands of the Hornets, similar to the 2018 playoffs.

The first few minutes of the first half commenced with the Hornets coming off strong for a score, while the Warriors attempted to keep up. A mere 20 minutes into the game, the opposing team broke through Warrior defense and scored the first goal. From that point, the Warriors struggled but kept their hopes high for a goal. The first half ended with the score of 1-0, Hornets heading in the direction of a victory.

During the next half, the Warriors broke through with higher intensity, ready to take on the Roswell team and keep their win streak set in stone. However, with five minutes left in the game, Roswell scored their second goal and the final score of 2-0 marked the end of the Warrior’s season.

“Throughout the season, there’s been some tough losses. This one hit the hardest because we were at the peak of winning a lot of games consecutively, and we lost to the same team at playoffs as last year,” NC varsity player Blake Dosdos said.

As the junior and sophomore varsity players look forward to the next season, seniors ended their NC soccer journeys on Thursday. The team and its coaches celebrated the season with the varsity soccer banquet the following Friday at North Star Church.  The soccer season ended abruptly for the team with this loss, but hopes for the next season never fade for the Warriors.