Warrior lacrosse faces Longhorn loss 


courtesy of Leigh Smith

On Wednesday, February 5, Kell High School and the Warrior Varsity lacrosse team played an intense scrimmage with the Longhorns coming out on top. Juniors Walker Goodsite and Trenton Nolen scored heavily contested goals, but unfortunately, in the end, the Longhorns defeated the Warriors.

Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-Chief

After a nerve-racking hour-long lightning delay on Wednesday, February 5, the Warrior Varsity Lacrosse team went up against the Kell Longhorns, but unfortunately, the Warriors lost by five goals. Coach John Almy set up this scrimmage to help the boys decide how to spend their time practicing. 

“The coaches prepared us for the scrimmage all week at practices using different drills and installing news plays. I was not very pleased with my own performance in the scrimmage, but the team looked promising, especially our younger players,” junior midfielder Trenton Nolen said.

Senior Ryan Getz scored an impressive two goals, while various other juniors helped add to the nine goals, including Trenton Nolen, Tyler Pelham, Reagan Mullinax and Kyle Getz. The first half of the game did not look optimistic for the Warriors, but they came back for the second half scoring five goals and successfully blocking several Longhorn shots. 

“We definitely could have improved in every aspect, but the main problem was that we did not have the time we needed in preceding weeks to practice important skills. Once we do perfect stick skills, we will be a stronger team,” junior Defender Walker Goodsite. 

The Varsity boys learned important lessons from this devastating defeat, especially that the team’s defensive positioning needs improvement. Coaches allowed several JV players to show their skills in the second half of the game to completely evaluate each boys’ abilities.

The team prepares for their game against Campbell on Tuesday, February 11 at the Warriors stadium, taking into account the lessons they learned playing Kell High School. 

“I am eager to work on what we need to work on to prepare for our regional competition,” Nolen said.